Karrion Kross says he doesn’t worry about ratings

Jul 22, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“There are people online that are in our industry that spend way too much time and energy on that type of stuff. Where my energy goes is trying to make sure that the time that I am given to be seen on television I get the most out of. I know all of that stuff is important, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be THAT important to me. In the priorities of what’s important to me, making sure that my segments are as entertaining and sincere as possible is where all of my energy goes. I’ll hear about those things on the back end. There are people that have jobs in this company where it’s their occupation to be consumed and concerned with measuring those things. It’s not mine. So I just don’t allow my energy to go there. I save it for the fans.”

source: prowrestlingsheet.com

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