Detailed Impact Report 7/21/20

Jul 21, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Make sure to join us tonight as we recap what is looking to be the most important edition of Impact Wrestling in recent memory!  The Slammiversary fallout begins tonight!

Eddie Edwards is the new Impact Champion!  He will surely address his next challenger.  Will Gallows and Anderson appear?  Is EC3 making his debut?  Will Rich Swann’s reinjured knee have him out of action?  Who will win in the tag team title match between The North and the returning, Motor City Machine Guns? Will newly crowned Knockout’s Champion, Deonna Purrazzo address Jordynne Grace and #1 Contender Kylie Rae?  All this and more will make tonight’s recap must follow!

We will begin the recap at 8pm!

EC3 vignette starts the show.  This is a very different, more mature and dark EC3.  His message is Control Your Narrative.

Josh Matthews is on the call with Madison Rayne.

Match 1. Willie Mack VS Chris Bey (X Division Champion) for the X Division Championship

Bey immediately dropkicks Mack to start the match.  Then pounces on top with punches until Willie rolls him over and returns the fists to the face.  Matthews mentions Impact was trending #1 in the world Saturday night.  Mack rolls from the ring after Bey hits him with a stiff kick.  Bey leaps to the outside on Mack, but Willie catches him mid air and slams him violently to the floor.  Mack scoops up Bey and tosses him back in ring.  Mack slingshots himself onto Bey as he reenters.  Willie then misses a splash to corner, and Bey hits a neck breaker.  After a 2 count, Bey leans in on a side headlock that has Mack almost passed out.  Finally Mack elbows his way free and whips Bey, but Bey trips him and does a double stomp.  Willie evaded a standing Moonsault and connects with a pop up, punch to the face.  Willie missed a 6 Star Frog Splash.  Bey hits a spring board cutter and gets the win.

Winner and still X Division Champion.  Chris Bey

Josh says we will see EC3 tonight.  Madison and Josh recap some of the highlights from Saturday night.   The EY and Rich Swann situation is addressed as well as the rest of the recent additions to the roster.

The Good Brothers, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson head to the ring in street clothes.  They grab the mic.  They look to be in incredible shape.  Gallows looks ripped.  Anderson says they are beyond excited to be in Impact Wrestling.  He says they are the reason Impact was trending #1 worldwide.  Anderson claims they are the best tag team in the world, Gallows is the best big man in the wrestling business, and he (Karl Anderson) is the best wrestler in the world.  Gallows says shop Impact is sold out of their merch.  He says they have their own Talkin’s Shop A-Mania on Fite coming Saturday, August 1st.  There is a reason all this is happening.  The recipe is The Magic Killer, A 1,2,3, and they don’t even need a Too Sweet.  They celebrate with a cold beer…   Then Ace Austin and Madman Fulton interrupt.  Ace says they haven’t been introduced, but since they are new guys he will give them a pass for interfering on Saturday.  Ace says Fulton is the best big man in the business.  Ace says that he wants an apology.  Anderson declines and Ace slaps the beer from his hand and says he isn’t much of a beer guy, then begin brawling.  Gallows and Anderson get the better of Ace and Fulton fairly quick, but this is certainly not over.

Heath (Slater) is shown backstage talking with a producer.  He says he should be on the list of those allowed to be backstage.  He is known as Heath.  The producer says do you have a last name?  Heath said he had one, but can’t use it anymore.  Heath makes a call.  Rhino is shown missing the call because of a heated discussion with Hernandez.  The argument sets up another match that the winner will take all the cash that neither could claim after their arm wrestling match a week ago and subsequent parking lot brawl.

Impact is now available on Impact Plus app.

Bey is shown in the dressing room with a few attractive young ladies celebrating.  He is trying to impress them with Champagne.  Rohit interjects himself and makes a toast to the new champion.  He says he wants to watch his back.  He will be better than Johnny Swinger.  Bey says he will think about it.

Match 2. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz VS Havok and Nevaeh

Steelz and Nevaeh start off this match.  These teams hate each other.  They trade punches until Nevaeh hits a suplex.  She tags in Havok, who levels Tasha with a backbreaker and Nevaeh elbow drop.  Hogan tags in and hits a dropkick that does nothing but annoy Havok.  She clotheslines Hogan two times.  Nevaeh tags in and hits a snap mare, but Hogan fights back and does one of her own that crumbles Nevaeh to their corner.  Steelz and Hogan double team Nevaeh in the corner with kicks and stomps.  Quick tags keep the advantage for them.  Hogan eventually gets a two count.  Nevaeh fights back, but Hogan makes another tag and Steelz maintains control and connects with a pump kick.  Nevaeh hits a back elbow and makes a tag, but the ref did not see it.  Steelz and Hogan maintain the advantage, but finally Nevaeh hits a neck breaker and tags Havok.  Havok takes both off their feet and lands running knees to each in opposite corners.  Hogan gets to her feet and jumps on Havok’s back to put on a sleeper.  Havok backs her forcefully in the corner to break the hold.  Hogan runs out to perform a Tilt A Whirl, which Havok tries to turn into a piledriver, but Steelz enters with a chair and hits Havok in the back.  The ref calls for the bell.  Havok never let go of Hogan, Nevaeh clears Steelz from the ring and Havok piledrives Hogan.

Winners by DQ.  Havok and Nevaeh

Flashback Match.  Bobby Lashley VS Eddie Edwards.  

Eddie wins the TNA World Championship with the Boston Tea Party.

Shamrock and Sami Callahan are shown.  Shamrock says he is the reason they lost the tag championship match at Slammiversary.  Sami came looking for a fight, but Shamrock’s admission of failure left Sami speechless.  Shamrock walks away saying lets talk next week.

RVD and Katie Forbes are shown backstage.  Katie says the fans want to see more of her.  She has a website they can see her for free99.

Match 3.  Hernandez VS Rhino

The money is again on the line between these two brawlers.  Rhino immediately hits a GORE for the win.  He gets all the money and leaves.  Hernandez was shocked.  Rhino walks up the ramp in celebration holding up the money.

Winner. Rhino

The North are shown backstage talking about their match with the returning, Motor City Machine Guns.  Josh says they are the greatest tag team in the history of the company.  Page says the MCMG may have the fans support, but that is opinion.  The fact is they have been Champions for over a year.

Eddie Edwards is shown walking to the ring.

A masked wrestler is coming to Impact and is shown in a brief vignette.  Could it be Kurt Hawkins.. aka Brian Myers?

Deonna Purrazzo is interviewed backstage.  Deonna claims to be the best technical wrestler in the world.  She injured Grace in the match so nobody should be able to challenge her.  Smiley Kylie Rae comes enters and says she won the #1 contenders match.  She tries to smile and shake Deonna’s hand.  Deonna looks disgusted by her.  Kylie says she is her new opponent.  Deonna finally says ok, and reaches out to shake her hand.  An excited Kylie immediately reaches in smiling.  Deonna grabs the arm and begins ripping it out of place.  Wrestlers enter to break it up.

Eddie Edwards enters the arena as the Impact World Champion.  Edwards says being the champion feels right.  He recaps the journey to the championship.  He says it is now time for a new journey.  He says something has been missing… stability.  He wants to be a champion everyone can be proud of.  He says he will defend the title each and every week against anyone that deserves a shot.  EY enters the arena.  He looks a long time without saying anything, until Edwards cuts him off before he can speak.  Eddie says you deserve nothing but an ass kicking for what he did to Rich Swann.  EY says he has nothing to say about when he takes the title from him.  He says it could have been him instead of Rich being in the hospital.  EY says his journey means nothing.  EY says the reason Eddie matter now is because he made it so.  Eddie leaps threw the ropes and lands on EY on the ramp.  Refs and officials pull Eddie off, allowing EY to get a good cheap shot on before the segment ends.

Moose is shown backstage holding the TNA World Heavyweight Championship fresh off the victory over Tommy Dreamer.  She asks Moose if he would accept challenges from all challengers like Eddie Edwards.  Moose says no, not everyone is worthy, especially EC3.  He says Fallah Bahh will receive a match tonight.

Eddie Edwards is again being interviewed about opponents backstage.  Trey walks in and challenges him next week.  Eddie accepts.

Match 4.  TNA World Champion, Moose VS Fallah Bahh

Josh openly compares a fight real World Champion, Eddie Edwards to the pretend champion Moose.  Fallah Bahh didn’t even know he was getting a title shot until a few minutes ago.  David Penzer is again forced to personalize the match announcement featuring Moose Nation, and The Wrestling God, Moose.

Moose and Bahh shove each other.  Bahh chops him in the corner and follows that up with a splash.  Moose can’t choke slam him, but hits a big boot.  Moose than chops Bahh several time.  Bahh gets dropped with punches and a leaping big elbow.  Moose rubs his boots repeated in Fallah’s eyes.  Moose calls him a fat piece of crap and nails a elbow in the corner that enrages Bahh.  Fallah chases Moose 3 times and connects with repeated splashes in the corner.   Moose then rakes the eyes when Bahh goes for a Samoan Drop and hits a spear for the win.

Winner and still Champion.  Moose

While Moose stands tall in the ring, a man in a black hoodie is lurking behind him.  He reveals himself to be EC3.  EC3 then attacks Moose from behind, and hits a reverse neck breaker.  Moose looks horrified.  EC3 walks off.

In the parking lot, we see the Good Brothers heading to get a beer somewhere.  Ace and Fulton pull up next to them.   The GB walk to the car, but are attacked from behind by Reno Scum.  The GB fight them off quickly, but Fulton and Ace drive off before they can get back to them.

Bravo and Rosemary are shown in what appears to be a friend’s apartment.  Rosemary saying she wants to cook for him.  (Note she is in her full creepy makeup.  This is funny stuff.)  Bravo says it is ok if she cooks, she just needs to use olive oil.. extra VIRGIN olive oil.  He is embarrassed, but she loves the truth he is admitting.  She says don’t worry.  She will take care of him.  She asks if he could have anything what would it be?  Just as he is about to answer, Taya walks downstairs, yelling for Bravo.  Rosemary is annoyed and whispers to Bravo that she thought it was just going to be them.  He said he thought so too!  Rosemary says you love a good party don’t you Valkyrie?  Taya agrees.  Rosemary starts doing magic and Kylie Rae, The Deaners, XXXL, Crazzy Steve, Johnny Swinger and Susie appear.  This segment will continue next week.  They are calling it Wrestle House.

Josh and Madison Rayne are shown looking completely confused.

Match 5.  MCMG VS The North (Champions) for the Impact World Tag Championship

Page and Alexander vs Shelley and Sabin is a much hyped match between arguable the two most decorated teams in Impact/TNA history.  Shelley and Page start off for their respective teams.  They trade arm twists and side headlocks to feel each other out.  Page does a great job of keeping pace with Shelley even as the match speed picks up bouncing off the ropes with his quicker foe.  Page tags to Josh Alexander and Sabin enters as well.  Alexander is a better mat wrestler, but Sabin holds his own with arm ringers and shoulder blocks.  Sabin puts on an octopus briefly and follows it up with arm drags.  Shelley tags in and comes down with a double axe handle, while Sabin holds Alexander.  Alexander breaks away from both in desperation, and front face locks Shelley and pulls him to Page, who quickly tags and throws fists to Shelley’s face.  Page screams at Shelley non stop.   The Guns spill Page to the outside, and double team Alexander in the ring and do a double kick to the face to Page on the outside.  Alex hits a cross body from the top of Page, as we come back from break.  Page is chopped hard in the corner, but reverses the whip to the corner, allowing Page and Alexander to double team him and toss him to the floor.  Alexander tosses Shelley back in and locks on a arm lock and tags Page back in.  The North keep Shelley tied up in the corner and make several tags.  Sabin is growing frustrated on the opposite side of the ring.  Alexander hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker and pushes Alex back in his corner so Page can tag in and continue the damage.  After a vicious delayed vertical suplex, Shelley looks physically and mentally out of it, but Josh misses with a Moonsault.  Sabin finally makes the tag.  Sabin clears Alexander and focuses on Page.  He hits a missle dropkick off the top.  Alexander reenters and gets DDT’d.  Page then takes a Tornado DDT from Sabin for a two count.  Shelley and Sabin then double team both members of The North.  Shelley hits a reverse cutter for a two count on Page.  The Guns then take turns hitting kicks on Page, and Shelley puts on a crossface.  Page rolls out of the hold and into a pin on Shelley and Sabin breaks up the pin.  All men are down, Josh and Sabin are the first back to the fight.  Sabin hits a Shining Wizard.  Alexander blocks another Sabin flying ranna, and Page recovers and ties up Sabin so Alexander can do a sidewalk slam into a cutter, then wheel barrel suplex combination.  The North take turns punching Sabin and set him up for the finisher, but Sabin rolls up Page for the pin as the reemerged Shelley holds Alexander back from breaking up the pin.

Winners and NEW IMPACT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.  The Motor City Machine Guns

Jimmy Jacobs exits threw the doors out of the building, and Heath sneaks back in with a smile on his face as the show ends.

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