Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson Confirm the Length of their Impact Contract

Jul 20, 2020 - by James Walsh

On their live Talk’n Shop podcast, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson discussed their status of their Impact Wrestling, the terms of their deal and more. The two announced at midnight on Saturday that they had signed with Impact Wrestling right at the top of the podcast and made their debuts at Slammiversary.

You can check out highlights from the discussion of their Impact status and the full video below:

Gallows on their status with Impact: “I think that we need to thank Impact Wrestling for honoring the deal that they offered us before we made the wrong decision, and say ‘Welcome to Slamm-f**king-versary, is what I think we need to say.”

Anderson on their Impact deal: “That’s f**king exactly right. They came back with basically the same [offer] … we signed a two-year deal with Impact. I think I heard Jim Cornette putting it over and saying — which I enjoyed, because usually Jim buries stuff. But I think he was saying it was probably a pay-per [appearance] thing, because Impact was doing pay-per stuff. But I can promise you, it’s a very good — it’s a big deal, and it’s a good one.”

Anderson on if they can work elsewhere: “We’ve already got offers in place with New Japan, and we’re trying to carve out, like as soon as they open back up, we will return back there. And so as soon as we can make those flights, Impact is going to work around New Japan’s dates, and New Japan’s is waiting for us. And that’s all part of this thing.”

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