The Fiend returns, Alexa Bliss as Sister Abigail

Jul 19, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Marc Middleton’s Extreme Rules PPV report

Wyatt Swamp Fight: WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt

It’s time for the first-ever Wyatt Swamp Fight, which will be our non-title main event for the night. WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman drives his big truck up to Bray Wyatt’s home in the swamp. Wyatt is sitting on the front porch in his rocking chair, all smiles and laughs.

Braun approaches and says he’s home. Wyatt, still sitting down, just laughs. We go to black for a second and come back to just Strowman. Wyatt’s chair is moving but he’s not there. Strowman sees a sign on a tree that warns anyone who enters. Strowman smashes the rocking chair against a tree and we hear Wyatt’s laughs in the distance.

We hear some pigs squealing as Strowman apparently has flashbacks. He fights off a mystery masked attacker. Strowman yells out for Wyatt to show his damn face. A shovel hits Strowman in the back and he goes down. Strowman looks terrified as he sees himself standing above him, wearing the black sheep mask and holding the shovel. Strowman looks up from the ground as the other Strowman smashes him in the face with a shovel. Strowman comes to and he’s chained up in the house now for more wackiness. We see the swamp version of Wyatt walking outside, lantern in hand, as his music plays in the background. Wyatt walks into the room where Strowman is chained to a chair. Wyatt laughs and welcomes Strowman home, asking what he thinks about Wyatt’s changes to the house. Strowman says he hates Wyatt. Wyatt taunts Strowman while he’s chained to the chair. Wyatt plays some mind games and grabs Strowman, yelling at him that he is not Strowman’s enemy. Wyatt goes on about how people have invaded and turned against them, but they can come together and be the ones standing after everyone else falls, after governments and the rest of the world fall. Strowman says he’s sending Wyatt straight back to hell.

Wyatt goes on with the cryptic talk, saying Strowman is the weapon and he is the hand that controls it. Wyatt has to destroy the monster Strowman has become. Strowman doesn’t care what happens, he will never go back to doing Wyatt’s dirty work. A woman appears with a snake now. Wyatt tells Strowman not to be afraid. This mystery woman could be Sister Abigail? The snake attacks Strowman. He comes to and now he’s outside near a fire. He’s fighting off mystery men in black, including one very average looking guy swinging an axe. Wyatt takes it and beats the man down. The man catches fire and runs around as Strowman laughs.

We hear a woman’s voice, telling Strowman to come home. It’s Alexa Bliss in black, with a hood over her head. She’s telling Strowman that he’s always wanted to be with her, this can be their home together if he just comes home. Strowman approaches the image of Bliss but Wyatt attacks him from it. Strowman apparently gets the upperhand and knocks Wyatt into a small white boat. The boat starts riding out into a lake with Wyatt laid out in it. Strowman smiles and walks away from the lake. He stops and looks back at the boat, confused. The boat is now coming back to the dock. Strowman walks out into the water, up to his waist. He goes to the boat and it’s empty. No Wyatt.

Wyatt comes from the side and drops Strowman with a shovel to the head. They brawl in the water with Wyatt beating Strowman and holding him down, as we see flashes of alligators. Strowman eventually pulls himself up to the dock, struggling to breathe. He’s laying on the dock now as a female voice laughs. Wyatt attacks on the dock. Strowman fights back but Wyatt beats him down with some sort of stick. Wyatt screams out. Wyatt says look what you made me do. Strowman gets up as Wyatt has his back turned. Wyatt turns around and laughs at him. Wyatt tries to swing the stick but Strowman knocks him into the water.

Strowman kneels down at the water and apparently doesn’t see Wyatt. Strowman nods and says it’s over. He keeps looking around the surface of the water until Wyatt’s arm comes up from out of the water, applying the Mandible Claw to pull Strowman into the water. There’s a struggle. It looks like Wyatt comes back up out of the water for a second, struggling to breathe or get out. Wyatt is pulled back under and all is calm. The water then turns blood red and starts bubbling. The Fiend returns, coming out of the water and staring straight at the camera now. We hear Wyatt laughing in the background. WWE’s “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” pay-per-view goes off the air as The Fiend growls, “Let me in!”

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