Chris Jericho reveals the ‘orange bath’ segment He Had Planned

Jul 19, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

During a live stream, Chris Jericho talked about the “orange bath” segment from this past Wednesday’s edition of AEW Dynamite:

“Obviously I got the idea from that from the bloodbaths that we used to do in the 90s with ‘The Brood’, which was Gangrel, and Edge, and Christian. And then we have somebody standing there and they would get dumped with blood, and that was kind of what I had the idea from.”
“I originally wanted Orange to come into the venue in an orange juice truck, kind of like [Kurt Angle] did with the milk truck or whatever it may be. But if you see at Daily’s Place whenever they have cars come in – Cody tried to drive it in that one time, and now they have FTR driving. And you can only get to a certain area and then you have to stop, so you couldn’t get a whole orange juice truck, even if there’s such a thing. But I’m sure we could have made one, and he would have sprayed orange juice on [us].”

“So then I thought, well that’s not going to happen. So then I say, ‘Well what about an orange juice bath?’ I had the idea a few weeks ago and our great team at AEW, the amazing machinists and prop guys… You never know because outside, there’s a breeze and you’ve got to stand in the right spot,” Chris said.

“And there’s actually a little bit of a mistake with the ‘X marks the spot’ place where I was supposed to stand, so I would just have to kind of guess because were in there earlier in the day. All that stuff aside, it’s live TV so you hope for the best. And when that damn orange juice came down, it hit us hard

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