Jul 18, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Slammiversary (which airs on FITE) is shaping up to be the card of the year for Impact!  Who will be the new additions to the roster?  Who will be the new IMPACT World champion?  We will find out tonight!

The show opens up with the announcement of The Good Brothers, Gallows and Anderson have signed with IMPACT Wrestling!  Every championship will be on the line tonight!  It will be an eventful and historic night!

Josh Matthews is on the call with Don Callus!

Match 1.  The Rascalz (Dez and Wentz) VS The Motor City Machine Guns

What a shock to city the MCMG’s return to IMPACT!  Shelley and Wentz start for their teams.  Shelley and Wentz work arm locks on each other to start the match.  Neither can gain a advantage.  Sabin tags in as well as Dez.  Both continue the trend of drags and armlocks.  Dez finally connects with a ranna off an Irish Whip,  Shelley jumps the ropes, but the Rascalz use tandem offense to batter both Shelley and Sabin.  Shelley and Wentz settle the pace and Wentz connects with a dropkick.  Wentz begins to talk tough, but that backfires as Shelley interferes from the outside.  Sabin then takes to the air and knocks Dez to the outside.  Shelley holds Dez while Sabin punts him from the ring apron.  Shelley lets Wentz in connects with stiff punches and kicks.  Sabin is tagged in and tandem offense off double kicks leads to a count of two.  Shelley leans in and works the arm.  Another series of tags and double team moves have the Rascalz down.  Shelley and Sabin are teaching the hotheaded Rascalz a lesson in humbleness.  Wentz needs to tag desperately and does his best to fight off both members, but he just can’t do it until he hits a handspring elbow.  Dez tags in and hit a dropkick that was so high, he almost missed him.  Sabin tags Shelley in and Dez backs him into their corner.  Wentz reenters and hits a superkick into a crushing stomp from the top rope.  Sabin runs in and gets hit with the code breaker.  Shelley is still down, but blocks a Swanton with his knees from Wentz.  Shelley then connects with a backdrop on Dez.  Sabin tags in and hits a missile dropkick on Dez.  MCMG then double team him leading to a two count, cut off by Wentz.  With all four in the ring, the MCMG use their vintage tag team move set to set up the finish.  One Dirtbomb later, they get the win.

Winners. Motor City Machine Guns

Taya and Bravo are shown backstage.  She tells Bravo above everything else she needs to win.  She exits and his new love, Rosemary enters and says whatever happens, she must win.

A Moose/Tommy Dreamer vignette airs next.  It addresses why Moose claims to be the TNA World Champion.  Dreamer explains why Moose is a fake and lacks passion.

Match 2. Moose (TNA World Champion) VS Tommy Dreamer (OLD SCHOOL MATCH)

Dreamer comes in once again channeling Dusty Rhodes and Terry Funk with his attire, polka dot pants, a bandanna with a shirt that says Moose sucks eggs.  Old School fans will understand the reference.  Matthews once again states Moose is not a real world champion, but Callus says he sure looks like one.

Moose has the ring announcer call him a Wrestling God.

They lock up and Moose immediately pushes Dreamer in the corner and whips him to the corner, then hits a shoulder block off the ropes.  Dreamer rolls to the outside and grabs a trash can lid and uses it on Moose’s head.  Then he grabs some pans and does the same.  He follows that up with tossing him into the ringside barricade.  Moose blocks another chair shot, and hits Tommy with a shot of his own.  Moose takes a few minutes to talk to the camera, and then suplex Tommy on the ramp.  After tossing Tommy back in the ring, Moose grabs a Kendo stick from under the ring.  Tommy takes a shot, then blocks a swing and takes it form Moose.  After hitting him with the stick, Tommy climbs the rope to deliver another shot, Moose connects with an impressive drop kick.  Tommy gets laid out in the corner and Moose puts a garbage can on his head and drop kicks him.  He says this is too easy.  Moose jumps from the top rope again, but Dreamer caught the showboating, Moose with an impressive cutter on the garbage can.  Dreamer goes off the rope to drop Moose on a chair, but Moose hits a drop toe hold, connecting Tommy’s face badly to steel.  Moose goes for a powerbomb, Tommy fights back, but Moose hits a sidewalk slam on the chair.  Moose then hits a standing Moonsault on Dreamer on the chairs.  After climbing the ropes, Moose misses a Moonsault, and Dreamer hits a DDT.  (Fite is now experiencing technical difficulties.)  We are back.  Tommy gets dropped head first on some thumbtacks.  Moose then hits the Lights Out Spear for the win.

Winner and still TNA World Champion,  Moose.

Outside we go to a car pulling up with Johnny Swinger.  He is pulling up in a luxury car that was intended for an Anderson.  He said he didn’t see Ole, so he took it.

Match 3 Impact Knockouts #1 Contender Match

Steelz and Kylie Rae start off in this gauntlet match.  After starting off for a series of moves scientifically, Steelz uses kicks to gain an advantage.  After a minute, Taya Valkyrie’s music hits and Bravo comes out dressed as Taya.  He immediately gets tossed over the top rope and eliminated.  Kimber Lee enters and she takes Kylie and Steelz down with impressive kicks and vertical suplexes.  Steelz shakes it off and knocks Lee off her feet and goes back on the attack of Kylie.  Kiera Hogan enters next.  Hogan and Steelz work together to take down Kimber Lee and Kylie.  Each minute a new competitor enters and Susie enters the ring.  Susie protects Kylie.  They eventually work together to knock Steelz off the top rope.  She has been eliminated. Katie Forbes enters she dances with Kiera Hogan, until she turns on her.  Madison Rayne enters.  She hits a step up insiguri  on Lee and knocks Susie off her feet.  Hogan confronts Rayne in the center of the ring.  They begin exchanging blows as the rest of the ladies fight in the corner.  Havok enters.  She basically knocks everyone off their feet, but nobody is eliminated.  Taya finally enters for real.  Havok targets Taya, but Taya takes her off her feet.  Alisha Edwards enters next.  Navaeh enters next.  She will surely help Havok.  Rosemary enters next.  Taya and Rosemary work together as a team.  Bravo then enters dressed as Rosemary, which upsets Taya.  Havok gets eliminated by Bravo.   Bravo then is eliminated by Kylie Rae.  Madison Rayne is next to go by Kylie.  Navaeh and Alisha were eliminated by Kimber Lee.  Hogan was eliminated by Rosemary.  All four women are no longer working together.  Kimber Lee was eliminated by Kylie Rae.  Now Taya and Rosemary work together again.  Their relationship is shaky at best.  Taya then eliminates Rosemary while she was trying to get rid of Kylie.  Kylie hits a superkick and gets the pinfall for the win!

Winner and #1 Contender Kylie Rae

Technical Difficulties again…

Rohit is shown in the ring confront HEATH SLATER.  Not sure what Heath’s new name is yet, but Rohit says he isn’t getting near the World Title Picture.  Heath drops him in the ring and boots Rohit from the ring.  Apparently Heath jumped the barricade and showed up.  Matthews and Callus referred to Heath Slater as Heath.

Hype package airs next for Chris Bey VS Willie Mack.  What role with Johnny Swinger play in the match?

Match 4.  X Division Champion Willie Mack VS Chris Bey

Bey comes out first.  He is without Johnny Swinger, but looks confident.  Chocolate Thunder, Willie Mack comes out next carrying the belt in hand.

Bey looks determined and ignores Mack tossing a toothpick in his face.  Bey and Mack show amazing aerial ability trading flying moves until Bey bails to the outside.  Mack follows him and hits a cutter off the apron that looked like he broke Bey’s neck.  Ouch!!  Bey crawls back in and takes a fall away slam, then a standing moonsault.  Mack is in total control.  Bey connects with a side kick, but Mack shakes it off and sets Bey up on the top rope for a suplex.  Bey slips under and tries unsuccessfully for a sunset flip.  He kicks Willie from the back.  Then hits a sunset flip.  Bey then hits a swinging neckbreaker for a count of two.  Feed issues continue to happen during the telecast.  Bey gets whipped into the corner, but slips under Mack and rolls him up for a two count.  Bey has incredible counters.  Mack finally catches Bey doing a crossbody and does a fall away slam.  Both struggle to beat the 10 count to get to their feet.  Mack hits a clothesline and splashes him in the corner.  Mack hits an Exploder Suplex into the corner.  Mack gets a two count.  Mack goes back to the top and bey runs the ropes and kicks him in the face twice.  Bey hits the Canadian Destroyer for a two count.  Mack goes for the stunner, but Bey crushes him with his Final Finesse for the win.

Winner and new X Division Champion

Heath is shown backstage catching up with Rhino.  Scott D’Amore approaches him and says he can’t be backstage during the pandemic.  Heath looks upset.  Rhino says not to worry about it.  He will help him get a job.

Match 5.  Sami Callahan and Ken Shamrock VS The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander)

Alexander and Shamrock open up for each team.  They are the mat wrestlers of both squads and that is how they start.  Alexander takes Shamrock down, but Shamrock locks on an ankle lock.  Josh grabs the ropes.  Sami tags in and simply punches Alexander right in the face.  This annoys Alexander who tags to Page.  Sami takes out both of them.  He drags Page to his corner and tags Shamrock who continues to punch and kick Page.  He tags back to Sami who goes to more sadistic moves like headbutts and forearms across the eyes.  Several tags later, Page looks lifeless.  Page is finally helped from Josh on the outside, but Shamrock stops that and tossed Josh from the ring.   Once there, The North finally gain an advantage on Shamrock.  They toss Ken back in the ring and Josh works him over with shoulders to the mid section.  Page is tagged in and they both get clotheslined by Shamrock.  He tags Sami who hits a Brainbuster on Page for a two count.  Alexander distracts Sami from the outside allowing Page to hit a dropkick.  Page tags in Alexander, who connects with repeated knee strikes to Sami’s jaw.  Page tags in, but The North hit a high low double team move to take Sami off his feet.  Page grabs on a headlock, putting all his weight on Sami.  Sami gets to his feet and drops himself on his backside, giving Page a jawbreaker.  The two trade blows until both are taken off their feet.  Both make a tag and Shamrock clears Page from the ring and slams Alexander.  Sami tags back in.  The North double team Sami hitting a double team sidewalk slam for a two count.  Sami tags Shamrock who belly to bellies Josh from the ring.  He then locks on the Ankle Lock and Josh runs in and locks Sami on the same hold.  Both break the hold.  (loss of feed)  Shamrock puts Josh in the Anklelock.  Page breaks up the hold.  Shamrock blames Sami, but they double team Josh and Sami gets a two count.  Sami chases Page from the ring and then reenters only to be accidentally kicked by Shamrock.  Alexander takes out Shamrock and then goes to the top, Shamrock recovers, climbs the ropes and suplexes, Josh to the floor.  Shamrock then tries to leap from the ring to the outside, but takes a nasty fall.  The North then hit a double front suplex on Shamrock and get the pin.

Winners and still Champions.  The North

Page and Alexander grab the mic post match and tell everyone for a year they are the team.  They declare they are the greatest team in Impact Wrestling history.  At that moment the Motor City Machine Guns come out and take issue with the claim they are the best team in the promotions history.  They inform The North they are wrestling them this Tuesday on IMPACT.

Rich Swann is shown backstage on crutches saying he wants the Impact Championship.

Match 6.  Deonna Purrazzo VS Jordynne Grace (Champion) for the Knockouts World Championship

Purrazzo heads to the ring first dressed in silver and grey.  Grace comes out in her singlet.  Grace looks confident.  Deonna quickly jumps to the outside to frustrate Grace.  Grace finally locks on an armbar that Deonna reverses.  Grace slips around and grabs her by the waist.  Deonna escapes and retreats back to the outside.  After reentering, she takes a couple shoulder blocks and a suplex.  This time when Deonna runs to the outside, Grace dives threw the ropes and lands on her.  Grace drags Deonna back in the ring and gets a quick one count.  Deonna fights off Grace, who lifted her to the top rope and drives her knee to her shoulder.  Deonna kicks the shoulder, and then ties Grace’s shoulder in the ropes.  After laying more boots to the head, Purrazzo connects with 3 clotheslines.  Purrazzo then goes back to an armbar that has to be released as Grace gets to the ropes.  Deonna locks in the Fujiyama Armbar into the Cross Arm Breaker.  Purrazzo couldn’t keep Grace from the ropes, but Grace is hurt.  She continues to twist the arm repeatedly.  Grace finally connects with some fists to the face.  She hits a Spinebuster, but Purrazzo kicks out at two.  Grace has difficulty doing her power move set with an injured arm.  Grace puts a sleeper on Purrazzo.  Purrazzo goes to the ground and rolls out of the move.  Grace hits a clothesline in the corner.  She then twists Purrazzo in the post, utilizing the refs full 5 count.  Purrazzo punches her as Grace taunts.  Grace hits a Death Valley Driver for a two count.  Purrazzo takes a Spinebuster from Grace.  This match is great.  Purrazzo could never do this in WWE.  They trade shots back and forth.  Grace slams Purrazzo, but Deonna connects with a pump kick to the face.  Purrazzo hits a snap suplex for a two count.  Grace blocks another suplex attempt and slams Deonna into the turnbuckle and hits a Vader Bomb off the ropes for a two count.  Grace pounds elbows in the back of the head.  Deonna blocks a powerbomp and locks on a double arm bar to tap out Grace.

Winner and NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION.  Deonna Purrazzo

Who will be the 4th mystery opponent in the main event of Slammiversary?  Will it be a former returning former World Champion?  We will not have to wait any longer.  It is time to crown a new champion.

Match 7 Fatal Four Way (or more) for the Impact World Championship.  Eddie Edwards VS Trey VS Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) VS ……..  Rich Swann VS…..

Ace and Fulton enter first, followed by Trey.  Edwards enters next in his typical street clothes.   Rich Swann comes out next carrying his crutches over his shoulder.  This is a shock. Eric Young then enters the arena and heads to the ring ready to fight.  This is an elimination match.  EY and Swann go at it inside as the rest fight on the outside.  Fulton is helping Ace against Trey.  EY hits a nice Belly to Belly on Eddie.  Swann’s speed is too much for EY and he flips him to the outside.  Trey enters and the two fly around the rings nailing each other.  Trey exits and Swann is grabbed by Fulton, who slams him from the apron.  The ref then kicks Fulton out of the ring area.  Ace gets ranna’d from the top by Swann.  Edwards chops EY in the corner, then Swann.  Edwards powerbombs Swann on top of EY.  Ace knee strikes everyone until Swann hits a stunner.  EY is busted open by Ace above the eye.  Trey wants to go one on one with Ace.  He strong style takes Ace to the ground and drags him to his feet.  After more kicks to the head he hits a ranna to Ace.  EY then gets a tilt a whirl from Trey.  Swann then takes a kick to the head from Trey.  Edwards finally slows Trey with a chop.  He and Edwards run the ropes.  Trey dives to the outside, Swann catches him in mid air and hits a Canadian Destroyer on the floor.  Sick.  EY hits a piledriver to Trey and is eliminated.   EY is bleeding badly.  Ace and Edwards are down.  EY stomps both men to keep them down.  EY puts Swann on the top rop.  Swann counter and hits a bulldog on EY.  He reversed a tilt a whirl.  Edwards takes out the camera man and Ace with a stiff kick to him as Ace was on the top rope.  Edwards pulls him back to the top rope.  Swann joins them on the top followed by EY.  EY pulls Swann from the two and powerbomps Swann on to Edwards and Ace toppling them to a table on the floor.  EY pulls Swann up, but Swann rolls EY up for the pin.  EY is furious.  He then goes for the surgically repaired knee of Swann.  He grabs a chair and uses it to reinjure Swann’s bad knee.  EY smiles gleefully as he leaves the arena.  Swann is badly injured and Ace attacks.  Swann fights on one leg, but try as he may, Ace takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker and is eliminated.  Austin and Edwards each retreat to corners and then run to each other full speed to fight.  They trade shots for several minutes.  Each seem to have a moment where the other is at their mercy, but they fight threw the pain.  Ace goes down finally, but hits a superkick that takes Edwards off his feet.  He charges Edwards, but Eddie connects with a Belly to Belly into the corner.  Eddie connects with the Boston Knee Party.. but only gets a two count.  Ace hits the Fold and Eddie kicked out.  Ace goes to the top and gets hit with another Boston Knee Party and a Die Hard Motion and Eddie gets the 3 count for the win.


Fulton immediately enters and attacks Edwards from behind.  Ace gets to his feet…. The music hits and Anderson and Gallows make their way to the ring.  They confront Fulton and Ace.  They goad Ace in and then attack him and eventually hit a Magic Killer on Ace.  They hand the Championship to Edwards and celebrate with beers in the ring.

A vignette is shown for EC3.  He is looking much more angry then in the past..  The show ends.



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