Taz responds to a fan that says AEW only puts over former WWE talent

Jul 17, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

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  1. Pisto75666 says:

    Kind of hard to keep telling everyone you’re a WWE alternative when you keep hiring their leftovers. Come on Tazz. I know you’ve never been the brightest crayon in the box but it’s not THAT hard.

    And stop the TNA comparison. At least TNA 2010-2012 had wrestlers I’d want to watch in 2020.

  2. Bulldawg says:

    I just think people should get over it because they obviously forgot that the WWE has hundreds of employees. Also at least AEW can book the wrestlers they hire, I sure haven’t seen a bad FTR match yet. Every company that has been created has used wrestlers from elsewhere. The funniest thing to me is that most of the people complaining about hiring WWE guys are the same people who complained about not knowing anyone when AEW was starting out.

  3. Steve says:

    ummm… Tazz , it wouldn’t be idea for AEW to push other guys. While we are at it maybe Cody should try to come up with his own ideas and not live off his dad’s ideas.

  4. Eric draven says:

    look at the roster and see how many ex wwe guys there are and cody being a huge part of the startup of aew speaks volumes. Couldnt get over in wwe so he decides to orcheste competition rather then be greatful for his opportunities. AEW is just as bad as wwe..only difference is wrestlers can swear and do their own promos. When AEW fails i wonder what all these wrestlers who jumped ship are going to do

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