Dustin Rhodes Gives Details on his Training School, Wants Ricky Starks as a Trainer

Jul 17, 2020 - by James Walsh

AEW star Dustin Rhodes was a recent guest on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast where The Natural gave more details about his wrestling school, and says that he wants former NWA television champion and new AEW signee Ricky Starks to be a trainer. Highlights are below.

On opening up the school:

I am opening a wrestling school. I’m gonna wait until after the holidays for the grand opening I guess. It’s gonna be in January so probably November, I’m gonna lock down a building, we’re gonna go from there and I’m gonna build this brand of Rhodes Wrestling Academy and a place for kids to come, to really learn the art of telling stories and pro wrestling done the right way. There’s a lot of schools out in America today and all over the world, you know? But I think people will come get the knowledge I have because of my name and that’s a blessing that I’ve been in the business so long and that I do have something to teach and that I know so much and have so much knowledge about our sport, that they’re gonna come learn from me. They’re gonna come from all over and I can’t wait to do it man. It’s gonna be fun. I’m probably gonna take no more than 20 students every three months. I’m gonna do it like that so we’re gonna have camps. I’m very excited about it. It’s kind of on the back-burner right now because it’s not nut cutting time, and I can’t wait, so stay tuned for January for Rhodes Wrestling Academy.

Says he wants Ricky Starks to be a trainer:

He went out there with Cody and blew it out of the park man and it was really impressive to watch him with Cody and he felt like he belonged there and they signed him immediately which was very, very cool for them to do that because he’s a hard worker and he’s respectful, he’s got a great attitude and he knows what he’s doing pretty much. I would actually be, probably wanting to look at him as one of my coaches for my wrestling school if he was available and wanting to do that, because he’s pretty good. He’s a good kid and he’s young, he’s fresh and he’s got a lot in the future coming for him. I know that and especially here with AEW, he’s gonna get more than one chance.

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