Why the Raw audience could continue to diminish

Jul 16, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Dave Meltzer discussed the all time low Raw viewership. He fears it will get worse once sports starts up again in two weeks.

“Audience is much older and it has to do with the mindset. Last weeks average age of the Smackdown viewership was 56 the week before was 57 that means half of the people watching are older. Raw is over 50 and NXT was 56. So they’re young fan base is lower then it’s ever been.
They keep reinforcing during their commercials during NXT by showing old clips on USA of past stars and shows that wrestling use to be great and hot. There’s nothing wrong with promoting your history but you need promote your current as being more important than your history. They promote their current as not being important at all.

It’s fine if you bring the old stars back if their role is to make new stars but they’re not it’s to beat these stars and the new stars role is to not be stars. They don’t let anyone become stars.

Sports start back up again in two weeks and we’re already at 1.5. Lord knows how the ratings will look in September when they go against the NBA Playoffs and Football will hurt wrestling as a whole. All these sports Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey will all be on at the same time.

It’ll be funny to see who Vince’s scapegoat will be. He fired Heyman because of low ratings but this time around he can’t fire himself and won’t take blame.”

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