Hugo Savinovich on Vince McMahon possibly selling WWE to the Saudis

Jul 15, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Hugo Savinovich was interviewed by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman. Here are the highlights:

On sourcing his information on the Saudi – WWE flight story

“I got information right from the TV studio – in Stamford, Connecticut and I worked there for 17 years – I know old people there but I also know new people. They’re my fans as a lot of these people know me from when I was a kid and they respect what I do. I was informed that that was what they got – the Saudi Arabian government had stopped the flight because of the situation with Vince and people there. He delayed the signal and all of the other crap that happened. I reported it just like that and then I heard the same thing from officials at headquarters,”

“I did not get involved in any lawsuit as I just reported it like that. It’s sad that the lawyer is trying to discredit me because I am not in the lawsuit and am not involved with that. This was something that one of the wrestlers, without mentioning his name, they quoted him saying that. Also, the wife of a wrestler said that on her Instagram account with a picture of the wrestlers out of the plane.”

Vince McMahon possibly selling WWE to the Saudis

“I believe there is more to the business transactions. I have said this on my Live that I would not doubt that if Vince was to sell his company, it would probably be for about $8 billion because UFC sold for $5 billion,” said Savinovich. “I will not say that Saudi Arabia would not be in the run to do that. Plus, they wanna get that contract and I haven’t heard anything official that that has happened because of difference in figures between what Vince wants and what they wanna pay. But they need to have a better relationship and until this quiets down… they don’t need a scandal because they already have enough on their hands. Saudi Arabia is trying to look for its future and they know the future is not gonna be oil because the more we modernize, the more we’re gonna have other sources. Right now, the United States is a powerful nation and they don’t need to depend on Saudi Arabia or the Middle East for oil. I think this is powerful people – WWE and Saudi Arabia – and they have alliances.”

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