EC3: “I am getting into a fight”

Jul 15, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


We just interviewed EC3 and would like to share some highlights. He said that he’s preparing for a fight and would “literally” do so once the countdown clock on his website expires this weekend. EC3 also had a lot of insight on being an authentic person and how he’s looking for the best opportunity and isn’t focused on money…

“I think the mental perspective as far as [people asking] ‘where are you going to work next? What promotion are you going to work for? What television show are you going to be on?‘—it’s lost on me. It doesn’t matter. What I’m doing now is becoming who I want to be and I know that by giving myself to somebody else—my talents, abilities, creativity, my brain, my body—I’ll never be able to be fully in control of who I’m portrayed as. I realize now that this isn’t about money for me at all or who is offering the best deal,” EC3 said, “it’s about which place provides me the best opportunity to be who I want to be, to fight how I want to fight, ‘entertain’ how I want to ‘entertain.’”

“I’ve cut promos, I’ve wrestled matches, I’ve defeated legends. But the one thing I’ve never done and people have never seen me do is fight. I’ve wrestled matches, but I’ve never fought. I never fought the regrets I used to have,” EC3 explained, “the fears I would have. I never fought with my heart on my sleeve, with a vendetta that I have now. I have not yet fought, and the second that the clock on goes down on 7-18-2020, I’m going to fight.”

With all of the discussion about his professional wrestling future, EC3 says he has a very bold vision for what he wants and he’ll take his fight to “whoever needs it the most.” EC3 is confident in his abilities and says he’s very ‘optimistic’ about the decisions he’s made for his future, but it all starts with fighting for himself.

“I’m telling you, literally—the second it hits midnight and I’m free from my past contractual obligations, I am getting into a fight.”

source: WrestleZone

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