Diamond Dallas Page recounts bout he and family had with COVID-19 symptoms

Jul 14, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Diamond Dallas Page recounts bout he and family had with COVID-19 Diamond Dallas Page’s family got hit with coronavirus as the WWE Hall of Famer explained how COVID-19 kicked their ass over the past few weeks.

Page said he was super strict and took the pandemic seriously from the very beginning, even getting IV bags of vitamin C to help. If you remember, Page even prevented Jake Roberts from returning home after he went to AEW tapings although Page later allowed Roberts back in under strict quarantine conditions.

DDP said that when things started to open back up, he felt a little comfortable and put down his guard a little bit, traveling to Philadelphia and even New Jersey.

After returning back to Atlanta, his daughter had a bridal shower and noted how no one was wearing a mask. Eventually his daughter, another family member named Paige, and DDP all had COVID symptoms and all got tested again.

“I felt like Big Show had a hold of my back,” Page explained as he discussed the painful and tough nights.

Eventually his test came out negative after nine days although his doctor said that was highly unlikely considering all the symptoms he had. DDP also said they tried to get all their staff tested but couldn’t find a place although later one of his staff also tested positive.

Page, who now works occasionally for AEW, also revealed that QT Marshall has coronavirus which is why we haven’t seen him on TV lately.

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