7/14/20 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jul 14, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Impact kicks off with a recap from last week. Jordynne Grace VS Deonna Purrazzo, and Sami Callahan and Ken Shamrock VS The North were featured in an abbreviated Slammiversary hype segment. Madison Rayne and Josh Matthews are on the call.

Match 1. Kiera Hogan, Tasha Steelz, Kimber Lee, Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie VS Havok, Neveah, Alisha Edwards, Susie and Kylie Rae

Havok and Neveah make immediate tags as they women handle Kiera Hogan. They toss Hogan to her corner and Kimber Lee tags in only to get tossed outside. Hogan and Tasha meet Neveah outside and take down Naveah. Havok picks up Alisha and splashes Hogan and Tasha. Havok then takes out the rest with a similar move. Kylie Rae goes for another splash, but Taya knees her from the back. Apparently, they are the legal members in the ring now. Rosemary reaches out from the outside and puts Kylie in the Tree of Woe while Taya chops her from inside the ring. Rosemary tags back and forth with Taya and the two drag Kylie from corner to corner and repeatedly use more knee strikes. Steelz tags in and locks on a rear chin lock. Rae stands out of it and gets tossed in the corner. All members of the rulebreakers are pounding on Kylie. Keira tags herself in. It should be noted all these women will be entered into the 10 knockout contenders gauntlet match this Saturday on PPV. It will be everyone for themselves. Amber Lee tags in as we go to break. Kylie gets suplexed by Kimber Lee. Kylie finally makes the tag to Susie. Susie is on a hypnotic rampage. She pulls out the Aracnarana on Kimber Lee. Everyone takes turns jumping into the action as a fight breaks out. Kylie Rae and Susie double team Kimber Lee and Susie make the pin off a Panic Switch. Susie is having Su Young flashbacks.

Winners of the match. Kylie, Susie, Alisha, Havok and Neveah

Kylie Rae clears the ring after the match and celebrates with Susie.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton are shown in a car heading somewhere. Fulton is not happy about this trip. Austin tells him he needs to train in the dirt to get better. Austin says it will be worth the trouble where they are going.

Hernandez is still arm-wrestling Rhino. The match started last week. Moose asks if either will be his tag partner vs Tommy Dreamer and Crazzy Steve. Both say they are busy right now. Moose says alright and slaps Hernandez on the back, making him lose the week-long contest of strength. Hernandez looks shocked as Rhino smiles. Hernandez grabs his money and says he is not paying the wager they had on the contest. He walks off and Rhino is furious.

Flashback. Kenny King VS Suicide VS Chris Sabin for the X Division Championship from Boston. Chris Sabin wins the championship.

Match 2 XXXL VS The Deaners

Cousin Jake and Larry D start off for the respective teams. Both push each other to test their strength. They trade shoulder blocks. Neither can gain an advantage. Cody enters and they double team Larry to finally sway the tide. Larry gets to the corner and makes to the tag to Acey. Acey uses his weight to overpower Cody. He uses Cody as a lawn dart to the corner. Jake checks back in and gets absolutely crushed by a flying shoulder block. Larry D tags back in and powerbombs Cody, but Cousin Jake tagged Cody as he was about to get slammed. Jake rolls up Larry D and gets the win.

Winners of the match. XXXL

The surprised Deaners get their arm raised. Cody is completely shocked. XXXL become enraged and they attack the Deaners. They are looking like they are trying to send a message to the rest of the tag teams. They stand tall as Josh wonders if they are becoming cheaters to get ahead.

Rohit is doing squats while Moose asks him to tag with him. Rahit was insulted, he was the last person asked. Moose says are you in? Rahit looks disappointed but agrees. Moose also looks discouraged Rohit is his only option.

Swinger and Chris Bey are shown backstage. They are still trying to find a way for Swinger to be allowed ringside with Bey during his title match with Willie Mack. Swinger goes to the ref, by himself and threatens a lawsuit which upsets the referee. The ref then agrees to allow Swinger back by Bey’s side at Slammiversary. Willie and the Deaners are back together doing another promo making fun of Bey and Swinger. They continue the segment with a hype video for their upcoming match. Finally, we see Bey hitting on a girl with Swinger eavesdropping on them. Bey starts talking bad about Swinger. Swinger hears this and is visibly upset over being mad fun of. The girl walks off and Bey follows, but Swinger stops Bey and tells him the office will not let him be ringside for the match and exits.

Another Purrazzo VS Grace package airs. It is the same package as last week. The two finally are shown present time with Jimmy Jacobs for a sit down, face to face contract signing. Deonna says when you face her in the ring you will be stepping in with class. Grace signs the contract and slams Deonna’s face into the championship belt.

Next is another package promoting The North VS Shamrock and Callahan. The story of this match is really about the team of Shamrock and Callahan itself. Will they be able to get along? Can Callahan be trusted? Can Shamrock stop himself from attacking his irrational partner? Callahan considers himself a scorpion. He cannot be trusted.

Match 3 Moose and Rohit VS Tommy Dreamer and Crazzy Steve

Dreamer comes out in an outfit and look that resembles Dusty Rhodes and Terry Funk. Only Dreamer can pull that off. Dreamer starts off with Rohit. Rohit trades wrist locks with Tommy. Rohit goes for a suplex, but that gets reversed and Steve tags in. Steve gets kicked to the midsection and shoved in the corner, where Moose and Rohit work him over. Steve escapes and tries for a crossbody, that Moose will have nothing of and tosses him aside. Steve never gives up and escapes a follow up splash, and tags Tommy. They double team Moose until Steve exits. Deamer throws Moose and then Rohit to the outside and Steve splashes them both. Rohit reenters and catches Dreamer with a clothesline. Dreamer and Moose get back in the ring and Moose takes advantage of Rohit’s damage. Moose goats too much finally, and Dreamer hits a DDT. Both are down but make a tag. Steve and Rohit quicken the match with quick offense. Steve locks on a leglock submission, but Moose breaks it up. Moose and Dreamer go outside the ring. Steve connects with a top rope DDT and gets the three count.

Winners. Crazzy Steve and Tommy Dreamer

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton arrive somewhere, then we see Hernandez getting prepared for a Back Lot Brawl with Rhino.

Match 4 Rhino VS Hernandez

This is a straight brawl in the back of the building. They are fighting over the cash Rhino feels he won. He low blows Hernandez and grabs the cash. Hernandez then grabs a bandana and chokes him. Rhino fights him off and chokes Hernandez. They continue fighting all over the parking lot using a garbage can and orange cones. Each gets an advantage walking off with the cash, but neither can secure a win. They both finally lean against a fence exhausted. They decide to shake hands and split the cash. Great ending of this mini feud.


Hype package for Ace Austin is next. He speaks of his rise in the business. Trey is next. The package shows how Trey is ready for Ace. He is focused. Coming from nowhere, he will target Ace. Eddie Edwards makes out the third named opponent, but strangely he is not really mentioned. They begin to try and figure out who the returning competitor will be to make this 4-way complete at Slammiversary.

Ace and Fulton are working out at an old gym. Ace says a year ago he knew who he was, but nobody else did. He knew though. He says he will be the youngest Impact World Champion.

Another package hype’s returning veterans.

Finally, the Eddie Edwards video airs. It shows where he started in his career all the way to today. Great package, showing shots from his career.

Trey is shown walking down the street with his stable mate, Wentz. He gets a message from Ace saying they are at his old gym working out. Trey is immediately going there. Trey gets Ace in the ring. They brawl in this grungy ring right out of the indies. Wentz is trying to stay clear of Fulton, by running him all over the gym. Ace and Trey brawl to the outside. Neither gains an advantage long. Ace sticks a broom stick in Trey’s throat. He then uses a chair to the back of Trey. Austin then locks on a sleeper hold. Trey breaks the sleeper, but Ace continues the attack on Trey’s throat. Trey finally avoids a strike that ends up sending Ace into a concrete pillar. Trey uses the time to recover and lay in some punishment on the barricade. They end up by a stack of chairs by a stage. They drag each other up and begin flipping each other around the makeshift stage. Trey finally throws Trey off the stage, but Fulton catches him. Wentz then appears just in time with a barbed wire chair to run off Fulton and Ace.

Scott D’Amore is shown looking at papers saying Slammiversary just got more exciting as the show goes off the air.

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