ROH Holds Talent Meeting at Headquarters

Jul 11, 2020 - by James Walsh

New details on the recent Ring of Honor talent meeting have been revealed via Fightful Select.

It’s been reported that ROH held a talent meeting at company headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland back in April. They invited the entire roster to give feedback on changes that were worth implementing. The meeting also led to a special channel created so that ROH wrestlers could give various feedback to officials.

In an update, LSG told Fightful that he was happy about the meeting because it was the first time many people got to speak to company officials. LSG, along with others, thought that the meeting was productive, and that it led to many things coming to fruition.

One of the big things pushed forward was talent desires to get the ROH product on live TV.

It was noted that ROH is in a unique situation as parent company Sinclair Broadcasting uses them heavily for taped syndication content. Sinclair owning ROH allows the promotion to live stream their tapings on the Honorclub platform, and to post recent TV episodes on their website. However, there is still no live TV deal in place. The meeting in Baltimore saw many wrestlers speak of the detriment that spoilers have on the product.

As noted back in June at this link, Mark Haskins spoke with POST Wrestling and discussed the meeting. He had the following to say:

“You mentioned the meeting in Baltimore and that was interesting because a bunch of people flew in from all over the world. We sat down for a few hours, we discussed all these different ideas, everybody spoke up and everybody had a different point of view and it all got written down across this wall, so since then, so many of those ideas have been implemented and they’ve taken steps towards, ‘Okay, let’s start working on this aspect now’ or, ‘Let’s try this idea.’ They’re showing how much now they wanna rebuild and they’ve had to do that so many times. Ring of Honor is a company that’s built itself up and then the talent has gone elsewhere and they’ve had to build themselves back up again and what we’re doing now, we’re in a stage of rebuild and everybody is working tirelessly together to try and make it the best product that it can be.”

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