Zack Clayton: “Taz actually put me over pretty good”

Jul 9, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


Zack Clayton (aka Zack Carpinello)

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How Much Taz Put Him Over on AEW Dark on Commentary: “Yeah, Taz actually put me over pretty good. He said a lot of great things about me, which was good. Johnny Rodz, I went to him in Brooklyn for a few years, and that was a great time with him. So, it was good that Taz saw that and threw the mention him.”

On AEW’s health and safety protocols for their tapings and if they made him feel safe during the pandemic: “Absolutely. As soon as I got there, they don’t let you go to the venue until you get tested by them for COVID. So, absolutely. Everyone there was tested, and the safety protocol is very strong backstage. And it’s a very safe environment for sure.”

On how his trainer Johnny Rodz taught him to always be ready since AEW called him three days before his AEW Dark match: “Yeah, a lot. And the thing about this business that’s different than any other sport is that everyone will have their own thing to say to you, which is true to other sports, but this particular sport gives you your own way of doing your own thing. So, everyone might tell you a little something different along the way to help you individually. The biggest thing for me is to always be ready because like that call for AEW, I got the call three days before I had to be there, and if I wasn’t ready to go, then the shot’s gone. So, one thing for me is to literally always, every single day, be ready for any call.”

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