Hogan Teases Public Workout With Former Pro Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman

Jul 7, 2020 - by James Walsh

It looks like Hulk Hogan and former professional bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman could in fact be doing something together for public consumption. Hogan posted to Instagram last month joking that he was coming after Coleman and suggested that they could have a “Geritol match” or go after tag team titles as a team, which prompted a response from Coleman (per Generation Iron). Coleman had expressed how much he was a fan of Hogan and said about the challenge, “Any day, any time, anywhere.”

Now, Hogan has posted to Twitter and said that the two will be doing something together, noting:

“For all you Johnny come lately bodybuilders or gym owners,this is between me and Ronnie Coleman and it’s going down at his or my house so BUTT OUT!!!”

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