7/7/20 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jul 7, 2020 - by Scott Porter

A recap of last week’s show airs to begin the show. The recap clip covers the tension between The North and Ken Shamrock and Sami Callahan, Dreamer and Moose, and Fulton and Ace Austin and Trey. The build for Slammiversary is now.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are once again on the call. The scene is an empty arena lit by the stage, ramp, and ring.

Match 1. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie (with Johnny Bravo) VS Susie and Kylie Rae

Both these teams are very, strange and it will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Each pair are completely different. Susie is attacked right from the outset by Rosemary. Susie monkey flips Rosemary and gets a count of two off multiple schoolgirl rollups. Kylie tags in and tells Rosemary she is not nice. Rosemary tags in Taya. Taya refuses to shake Kylie’s hand. She puts Kylie in a head scissors, but Kylie reverses the hold, then does a Rana off the ropes. After a tag to Susie, she bulldogs Taya. Taya reverses a whip and Rosemary knees Susie in the back from the outside. Then Rosemary tags in and hits a suplex. Rosemary accidentally misses a splash in the corner and nails Taya. Rosemary stays on the offensive and works over Susie in their corner. Taya recovers and tags in. Susie hits a clothesline off the Irish Whip. Both finally make a tag. Kylie wins a fist fight with Rosemary and then connects with a tilt a whirl Rana. She gets a two count. Rosemary recovers and hits a running clothesline. Kylie gets dragged to her feet and hits a cutter on Rosemary. Then hits a Superkick. Taya tags the tumbling Rosemary and connects with a clothesline, forearm and suplex combo. Kylie kicks out at two and takes Taya down with a Superkick of her own. Rosemary and Susie attack each other and Kylie slaps on the STF on Valkyrie. Taya taps out and they celebrate in the ring.

Winners. Kylie Rae and Susie

Johnny Swinger is backstage with Chris Bey. Bey is upset Swinger can’t be by his side when he challenges for the X Division Title.

Match 2. TJP & Fallah VS XXXL VS Reno Scum VS The Deaners

All four teams begin the match in the ring slugging it out. After minutes of double teaming each other repeatedly, no team can claim an advantage at all. This action is too chaotic to explain in detail. It is bedlam. Cousin Jake finally splashes everyone to the outside. Everyone is down for the count. Then we go to break. With order finally restored. Luster the Legend is working over Cody Deaner. Forearms to the back and eye gouging is the main offense. He tags Thornsone and he works over Deaner in the corner more. Luster gets tagged back in and slams Cody. He then takes Cody into Thornstones armpit, ala Pity City. Deaner fails to tag off, but Luster tags Acey from XXXL. Acey takes some stiff shots from Deaner then a neckbreaker. Larry D tags in and Thornstone tags in with Deaner. Everyone starts entering again and the action goes crazy with one stiff shot after another. The ref is lost. He has no control. Bahh tosses both members of Reno Scum to the outside. TJP and Bahh fight up the ramp with Scum and to backstage leaving Larry D and Cousin Jake in the ring. Jake hits a Sidewalk Slam. Acey makes the save. Larry stays in and gets Sidewalk Slammed by Cousin Jake for his trouble. Jake then gets the pinfall much to his surprise. They celebrate a wild match.

Winners. The Deaners

Backstage the battle between Bahh and TJP and Reno Scum continues. TJP leaps on Scum from the top of the rafters. They use chairs and garbage cans on each other. Scum finally use some steal barricades to crush TJP. We go to break with Scum standing tall.

Swinger is shown talking to himself in the back. He is going through everyone’s bags, trying to find a way to sneak his way into the Chris Bey/ Willie Mack title match. He finds the mask of Suicide. He puts it on and gives an evil laugh.

Flashback Moment. Cage match. The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne and Velvet Skye) Vs Angelina Love and Tara. Match Stip was if either of the Beautiful People pin either of their opponents, they become the Knockouts Champion. Madison pins Tara.

Shamrock is backstage looking for Sami. Sami sneaks up on him. Sami wants to know what is up. Shamrock says he wants to help him so they can end The North. Sami says he does not need his help… but maybe they can be the worlds dangerous tag team. We will see.

Match 3. Jordynne Grace VS Kimber Lee (non-title match)

Grace begins the match overpowering Lee with a test of strength. She drives Lee to the mat and gets a few two count. Lee begins biting Grace to break the hold. Grace lets her go, then stalks her to the corner. The Champion, Grace is in complete control. She hits a nice Spinebuster. Her only frustration is Lee keeps kicking out of the pin attempt. Lee gets tossed in the corner. Grace chases her only to get a boot to the face. Lee lays her weight on Grace and puts on a headlock, into a leg full nelson. Lee then rolls her over for a two count. Grace stands out and goes for a suplex, but Grace reverses the move. Grace follows it up with a slam, then a Driver. Lee kicks her in the head three times. Lee goes to the top and hits a Swanton Bomb. Grace kicks out at two. Lee grabs some brass knuckles, Grace blocks the punch and hits a Grace Driver for the win.

Winner Jordynne Grace, Knockouts Champion

Deonna Purrazzo is shown saying she will meet her on July 18th at Slammiversary. Grace looks on ready for the fight.

A package is shown saying the Impact Championship has been vacated. A new champion will be crowned at Slammiversary. Eddie Edwards, Ace Austin, Trey and a mystery opponent will battle for the belt. The package suggests the mystery person may be a past champion.

Suicide Swinger walks up to Mack. Mack says he will see him tonight for their match.

Locker Room talk is back. The guest tonight for Madison is … Madison Rayne! Madison interviews herself. Madison says she has a major announcement. She will return to the ring and regain the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary on July 18th. Kiera Hogan and Tasha show up as well as Havok and Neveah. They begin throwing insults that become punches. Madison looks on and ends the segment.

Hernandez is back taking money from challengers arm wrestling. Rhino comes in for a chance. To be continued flashes on the screen, meaning this may never end.

Match 4. Willie Mack (X Division Champion) VS Suicide Swinger (Johnny stole Suicides outfit)

Willie heads out first. He looks ready to go as he waits for Swinger, I mean Suicide. Suicide doesn’t seem himself this week. He tried to do some highflying moves, but that didn’t work. Mack is laughing. Suicide rakes the eyes of Mack and puts on a Abdominal Stretch. Mack kicks out. Mathews calls Suicide, Swingacide. I was thinking of that too. Mack tosses Johnny to the mat and hits a stunner for the win.

Winner. Willie Mack

Dreamer is is shown backstage reading a prepared statement apologizing for hurting Moose’s feelings last week. This is done tongue and cheek of course. Moose enters and says Tommy is not being sincere. Tommy says the TNA Board of Directors have named him the #1 Contender. Moose says that is a lie. They are setting up a match. Tommy walks off saying Moose is stupid.

Match 5. Sami Callahan Vs Josh Alexander (with Ethan Page)

The former Champion, Callahan enters the ring via the top rope looking ready for a fight. They lock up collar and elbow. Callahan shoulder blocks Josh. Then Sami clotheslines Josh to the outside. As Josh entered, Sami kneed Alexander and went to the top to drop another knee, spilling Alexander back to the outside. Sami follows and Page interjects giving Josh time to recover. Sami then collects himself and whips Alexander to the railing. We go to break. Alexander takes a Death Valley Driver from Sami as we return. This move was outside on the arena floor. Page interferes again and Sami takes a suplex on the ring apron from Alexander. Page talks smack as Sami struggles to beat the count to the ring. Josh kicks and punches Sami as he crawls back in the ring. He stomps Sami for a few minutes, but only gets a two count. Sami tells him to hit him more. He ignores the pain and gets to his feet only to be slammed again. Page gloats on the outside. Sami gets up again. This time Sami connects with a clotheslines and double chops to the throat. They go back and forth reversing holds, each taking critical punishment. Callahan corners Josh and climbs the ropes, Josh slips beneath and sidewalk slams Sami. He follows it up with a ankle lock. Is this a message to Shamrock. Sami gets to the bottom rope and breaks the hold. Page continues to bark at Sami. They go to the outside ring apron where Sami connects with a pile driver. He gets a two count. Page runs in the ring and the ref is down. Shamrock runs down and puts an ankle lock on Page. Sami hits another Piledriver and gets the three count for the win.

Winner. Sami Callahan

Another tease video for multiple returning veterans at Slammiversary is shown.

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