Cody comments on WWE renewing the trademark of Cody Rhodes after letting it lapse

Jul 4, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

After letting the trademark lapse, WWE resubmitted payment and paperwork to keep the trademark of Cody Rhodes alive. Cody had submitted to trademark the name himself when he saw the rare lapse but the law allows some leeway to the trademark holder when it comes to renewals.

Addressing the status of the application after a fan brought it up on Twitter, Cody said that WWE renewing the trademark “is not as sultry/scandalous as reported” and said it’s just business.

“They’ve seen the same data we have, and they know they can make big money off the brand (even though it’s not in their house). Trying to license me is flattering, but it doesn’t stop this train from moving. No grudge,” Cody wrote.

The USPTO website displays the date of May 15 for the renewal and in a statement amended to the application, WWE wrote, “The delay in filing and payment was due to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

The application clearly states that “The name ‘CODY RHODES’ does not identify a living individual,” which is why the company can still trademark it. Cody’s last name is Runnels and WWE always had the Cody Rhodes trademark

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