More On Shayna Baszler Getting Pulled From WWE TV Entirely

Jul 3, 2020 - by James Walsh

As we previously reported, Shayna Baszler is healthy and uninjured in spite of being pulled from TV, and she hasn’t tested positive for COVID-19. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan was originally for Shayna Baszler to get a rematch against Becky Lynch, with the rematch being built to have Baszler win Money in the Bank and use that. Vince McMahon ultimately decided against this and went with Asuka.

McMahon has reportedly soured on Baszler because he doesn’t ‘conceptually grasp’ the style than an MMA should use in wrestling and she doesn’t ‘check his buttons’ when it comes to a female wrestler. Because of this, he decided to end her push and remove her from TV entirely.

This decision was made prior to Paul Heyman leaving his position as the head of creative for the RAW brand. It’s still unknown why Heyman was removed from the job outside of the poor ratings. It seems likely that McMahon didn’t agree with Heyman on the potential of several people he was trying to build.

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