Jerry McDevitt Fires Back at Hugo Savinovich Over Claims Regarding Crown Jewel Incident

Jul 3, 2020 - by James Walsh

Jerry McDevitt is continuing the back and forth with Hugo Savinovich over Savinovich’s claims regarding the Saudi Arabia travel debacle. As previously reported, Savinovich posted a video to Facebook Live in response to a motion by McDevitt in the lawsuit filed against WWE over allegedly making misleading statements regarding their dealings with Saudi Arabia that caused the stock to drop. In the motion, it was argued that reports about the WWE roster being stuck in Saudi Arabia after Crown Jewel were “based on ‘speculation’ from ‘news reports,’ such as ‘a wrestling-focused website’ that itself is based on statements by a ‘WWE Spanish commentator’ (who is not employed by WWE and who based his own story on another unnamed party).”

Savinovich gave a lengthy response that stood by his original comments and said that as much as he loves WWE and respects the McMahons, he was dedicated to telling the truth about the matter which he said came from WWE talent.

McDevitt has now issued a statement to Super Luchas which reads as follows (translation courtesy of Google):

“The only thing interesting about this rant is his statement that somebody offered him money to tell this tale. We have sworn affidavits from the people who were actually there and responsible for the charter flight who have explained that the problem was a fuel pump in one of the wings and that a replacement part had to be secured from another city which took a good bit of time to locate and have flown in. It’s really that simple.

“KSA had nothing to do with the delay, and it is a shame that this guys unsourced fables have detracted from the real significance of that event, which was the first time female performers put on a historic match. His whole story is absurd to anybody who really thought about it, including the 200-500 million part. He is just trying to get clickbait. He does not want to go to court because he would have to reveal his supposed sources, if they really even exist, which I doubt. So in essence the story comes down to some guy with no personal knowledge of anything who does not want to be cross examined on his fable vs the sworn testimony of the people who were there and in charge of the charter.

“The problem being a fuel pump in one of the wings. But it is important to note that is not just me saying that- the sworn affidavit of the director of the commercial charter plane, who was on the ground in Saudi Arabia when this all happened, establishes that KSA had nothing to do with the plane issues; that the closest available replacement fuel pump they could locate was in Jeddah; and that part had to be secured and shipped to Riyadh on a commercial flight which arrived approximately 18 hrs later.”

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