Thunder Rosa: “When is the other show for the Women’s Evolution?”

Jul 2, 2020 - by James Walsh

Thunder Rosa appeared on the Duke Loves Rasslin’ podcast and talked about things that need to change in the wrestling industry for women. Rose is now running Mission Pro Wrestling as an all-women’s promotion in the wake of the #SpeakingOut movement and touched on the fact that, even with some major progress, women’s wrestling still faces many challenges compared to men. You can check out some highlights and the full podcast below:

On women’s wrestlers still being treated as lesser then men: “I mean, think about it. There’s still a lot of big promotions, there’s only one women’s match. Like seriously, it’s 2020. 2020. You can pay a guy $600, but you can’t pay a girl just as talented as the guy $200 and a flight? And she’s probably sleeping on someone’s floor? Because I’ve done it. After Lucha Underground — and I’m going to be completely honest, man. After Lucha Underground, sleeping in a 5-star hotel in downtown LA, I wanted to keep working because you know, there was no work after Lucha Underground — we taped, there was no work. So I had to sleep on my … the gearmakers in LA, in East LA, on the floor, because I needed to work. With Holidead, or we had to sleep on her car in a rest stop, and take $200 because they weren’t going to pay my fee. I did it for so long, because I wanted to make a name for myself. And I don’t regret it, you know. Because when you’re so hungry you do what you need to do.”

On women’s wrestlers needing more opportunities in big companies: “Yes, the Women’s Evolution. When is the other show for the Women’s Evolution? Please, can you tell me? It’s been two years. There are 60 women, or 70 women in NXT. I don’t see another show, all-women’s show. Where is it?. Why is nobody saying anything? AEW; where is the talent? Where is the show where women are being highlighted? Come on! Can somebody please tell me? And if I’m going to get heat for this, I don’t care anymore. It’s 2020. We are not silent anymore.

“Somebody please explain to me, why do we continue to be treated the way that we are treated? And I’m not talking about being sexualized, that’s another thing, I’m talking about being treated as professional wrestlers, period, with the respect we deserve. ‘Oh, we should be thankful that Shimmer, Shine and Stardom are running WrestleCon?’ You should be ashamed of yourself. Because for many, many decades. Not years, decades. Women’s wrestling was put on the back burner. We need more spaces. There are so many girls, and I’ve been, myself included. Who are sitting on the benches watching other girls work because there aren’t enough spaces for us. And that’s heartbreaking.”

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