Mark Henry Reflects on Mae Young Giving Birth to a Hand

Jul 1, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Mark Henry discussed why he thinks Vince McMahon had Mae Young give birth to a hand, the most fun part of his career, and if he thinks WWE should have had him beat John Cena to win the WWE Title. Highlights are below.

On how he thinks Vince McMahon did the Mae Young giving birth to a hand bit as a way to entertain himself: “I still pick on Vince every time I see him. Are you ever going to tell me what the deal was with the hand? And he just starts laughing, ‘It’s a hand!’ Welcome to the world of pro-wrestling. Everything don’t make sense, but it’s entertaining as hell. I don’t know what the plan was. I just go with the flow. I did think, why, I’m just curious, of all the things, why a hand? And Vince, he just bust out laughing every time I ask him. It’s the biggest ongoing joke, and I think that’s what it is. He just did it to entertain himself.”

On the most fun part of his career: “Oh, Sexual Chocolate. Near the beginning, that was so much fun. I got to go out every week and make a fool of myself and play with the ladies in the crowd and it didn’t matter if I lost or not because the whole point was to entertain people and make people laugh and I’m a comedy guy, I’ve done a couple of stand-ups. I like making people laugh, I like seeing people enjoy themselves. That was my chance to do that.”

On if WWE should have had him beat John Cena to win the WWE Title: “That wasn’t Cena’s fault, that wasn’t WWE’s fault. If anybody should be mad, it should be me, because I’m the one who said, look man, I want to go home. I love to stay here and play with the boys and get out here and make some more money and all that stuff, but the most important thing to me was going home and doing what I’m doing. This is God’s work as well as what’s expected out of a man.”

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