6/30/20 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jun 30, 2020 - by Scott Porter

A recap of last week’s show begins the show. Shamrock vs The North, Deonna Purrazzo’s “Impact” on the Knockouts Championship, and Eddie Edwards’ match with Madman Fulton are highlighted in the intro.

Josh and Madison announce the vacant Impact World Championship will be determined between Trey, Ace Austin, Eddie Edwards, and a person yet to be named. We are guaranteed a new Champion. The two appear in front of a fireplace. They appear to be in a home filming. The hype is setting up a tremendous Slammiversary.

The show begins in the familiar dark arena, only lit by the stage, ramp and ring. Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are on the call.

Match 1 Chris Bey (with Johnny Swinger) VS Suicide

Bey enters first and glares, unimpressed at Suicide. He quickly gains an advantage with kicks. Bey gloats and follows up the kicks with a deep arm drag and moonsault. The two separate and Suicide hits an Atomic Drop and basement dropkick. After chops in the corner, Suicide face slams Bey, but misses with a Lionsault. Bey back on the offensive, rolls over and punches Suicide to a count of two. Suicide gets to his feet and connects with chops, but Bey whips him and lands a clothesline. Bey lays in more chops to the chest. Suicide locks on the Abdominal Stretch. Bey hip tosses out and lands a spinning kick for a count of one. Suicide rolls to the corner, but Bey grabs him and pulls him up for side suplex, then misses from the top rope. Suicide hits a dropkick, then a series of palm strikes and chops. Suicide connects with a stomp for a two count. Swinger tries to get involved after Bey went for a dive that spilled him to the outside. Suicide tosses Swinger to the floor with Bey and connects from the top rope onto both. Bey is tossed back in. A Sunset Flip gets Suicide a two count. Bey connects with a kick to the mid-section. Suicide blocks a suplex and reverses him. Swinger pushes Suicide from the tope rope, and Bey takes advantage and hits the Connect and gets the pin.

Winner Chris Bey

Bey motions for the X Title as he celebrates.

Josh and Madison stand with the vacant World Championship. They wonder who the mystery 4th man is.

Moose is shown backstage preparing for his match with Crazzy Steve. He says this isn’t fun and games.

Swinger is backstage with Bey. Bey seems to have started believing in Swinger. The ref walks up and says there will be no funny business for the X title. Will Swinger be banned from ringside?

Match 2. Reno Scum VS TJP and Fallah Bahh

Scum attacked both competitors from behind before the bell. Fallah starts the match with Luster the Legend. TJP gets involved and they hit some nice tandem moves based around TJP’s speed and Fallah’s weight. Thornstone helps from the outside to help Luster gain an advantage. Adam is tagged in and they hit TJP with double team forearms to the back. Luster tags back in and continues the attack on TJP’s back. Thornstone tags in, but TJP gets to Fallah, who tags in and clears the ring. Luster re enters and they begin a double team successfully on Fallah. TJP tags in and hits a side kick off the top rope. All competitors enter and Thornstone and TJP get tied up on the top rope. TJP finally tosses Adam from the top, and Fallah follows it up with a splash. Fallah gets the three count.

Winners Fallah and TJP

The two winners stand tall.

Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne and sidekick, Johnny Swinger is next. Swinger is complaining he has been banned from ringside for the title match with Willie Mack and Chris Bey. Madison tells him she doesn’t care. This is her show. Johnny Bravo enters as today’s guest. Madison questions Bravo immediately about his relationship with Rosemary. Bravo is hesitant to speak on it. Rosemary enters as the second guest this week. Rosemary says her and Taya are learning to share. Swinger says he can feel the sexual tension in the air. Madison says even Swinger sees it. Swinger interjects and says the heat is between him and Rosemary, which causes Bravo to get jealous. Madison shakes her head in disbelief at the stupidity of Swinger. Bravo challenges Swinger as Rosemary looks intrigued. Taya comes in and sits between Rosemary and Bravo. Taya asks Rosemary if she will be her tag team partner. They walk off holding hands as the scene ends.

Deonna Purrazzo’s situation with Jordynne Grace is shown in a brief clip.

The North enter the arena in street clothes holding their belts. Josh wonders why they attacked Ken Shamrock last week? Alexander addresses the situation first. He says Shamrock has been around too long. Page says he has no partner or friend for that matter. He says Shamrock is nuts. Shamrock’s music hits and he speed walks to the ring. Sami’s face is shown on the stage. Then Sami hits the ring. They team to clear the ring. They back up to each other and stand face to face. Sami then disappears.

The North are shown backstage with Scott D’Amore who appears to be on the phone with Gallows and Anderson. The North says this is an unsafe environment. Scott you have a match with Sami and Shamrock.

Flashback. Magnus and Eric Young. Eric Young wins the TNA World Championship.

Jimmy Jacobs is outside Trey’s locker room. Trey opens the door and is asked about Ace Austin. Trey says he will take care of Fulton first.

Match 3. Moose VS Crazzy Steve

The self-proclaimed TNA World Champion once again demands the ring announcer enter the ring and properly announce his title match. Moose is not happy with David Penzer and makes repeatedly say different things about how great he is.

They tie up in the center with Moose pushing Steve away. Shoulder tackles knock Steve off his feet briefly. Steve begins to rely on his speed to keep Moose off guard. This works until Moose catches Steve and he slams him on the ring apron. Steve is hurt and Moose preys over him. He is on the outside and swings him into the steal rings steps. Steve is bleeding from the mouth. Moose punches at the ribs over and over. Steve is tossed in the ring. Moose then drops Steve on the ropes right on his midsection. Steve finally fights back, but it does little to stop Moose who immediately connects with another blow to the gut from his knee. Steve is placed on the top ropes. Moose sets him up for a suplex. Steve bites Moose and hits a sunset flip for a one count. The two exchange punches. Steve tries a roll up, but only gets a count of one. Steve goes to the top, but Moose catches him diving off and does a fall away slam. Then hits the spear for the win.

Winner of the match and still TNA World Champion, Moose.

Moose continues to beat on Steve after the match. Tommy Dreamer enters the ring to break things up only to get kicked in the head. Dreamer then gets pounded on with fists to the head. Moose then leaves with referees in the ring helping Steve and Dreamer. Back from break, Dreamer stands bloody in the ring. He speaks to Moose directly. He says he has all the God given talent in the world. He goes over his football career. His talent is not just there. He came to wrestling. He did not listen then to football to his coaches, and only played 6 years. Now he is making up a championship in Impact. That title is fake. Now the world is a difficult place, and everyone is trying hard to make Impact a better place except him. All he does is complain. Dreamer said he needs to be a leader. He referenced Dusty Rhodes. Moose is nothing but a waste of talent. He drops the mike and leaves.

Cousin Jake is shown backstage arm-wrestling Hernandez. Cody Deaner is watching with a beer. Hernandez wins the first. They are betting for money. Cody says he can win double or nothing. Deaner channels the Over the Top movie, but that does not work. He loses and Hernandez takes his money.

Match 4 Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) VS Havok (with Nevaeh)

Hogan attacks Havok from behind. Hogan slaps Havok which only of angers Havok. Havok slams and chops Hogan around the ring several times. Steelz looks to interfere from the outside, but Havok kicks her in the face. Hogan jumps Havok from behind and kicks her several times as we go to break. Hogan is back with a sleeper on Havok, who then backs Hogan to the corner to break up the hold. Hogan then uses her long hair to choke Havok. Havok recovers and tosses Hogan across the ring and then clotheslines her. Havok then hits a running knee to Hogan followed up by squash in the corner and a running boot to the face twice. This was brutal. Havok turns back to Steelz and begins screaming at her. Havok lifts Hogan, but Steelz grabs Havok’s mask and tosses it to Hogan, who uses it as a weapon. After a series of kicks. She gets the pin.

Winner. Kiera Hogan

Moose is shown backstage addressing Dreamer. He says Dreamer knows nothing about him. He demands an apology for defamation of character, or he will take him to court.

A vignette is shown as a former World Champion is making a return at Slammiversary and then Josh and Madison go over the PPV card so far.

Match 5. Trey VS Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin)

Fulton comes out first with Ace. Trey enters next by himself looking determined for revenge as we go to break. Trey jumps the ring only to cross the ring and dive to the outside and takes out Austin. Trey re enters only to be slammed by the waiting Fulton. Trey recovers and hits a side kick to the head. Fulton stumbles, but several more athletic kicks still cannot take down Fulton. Trey finally gets caught full press slammed with one hand. He tosses Trey like a rag doll. Trey struggles to his feet, but Fulton turns Trey inside out with a reverse suplex. He has incredible power. Trey keeps fighting back, but nothing can be sustained. Fulton keeps overpowering him. Fulton corners Trey and viciously drives his head into the corner from an angle. This move is sick to watch. Trey is whipped to the ropes and flips off them and lands on Fulton and puts on a sleeper. Fulton swings him on his back and crushes him to the floor, but Trey refuses to let go until he moves on to some kicks. He goes to the second rope and hits a cutter on Fulton. Trey then goes to YES kicks with Fulton still on his knees. Trey goes off the ropes and leaps on Fulton, only to be caught and suplexed. Fulton gets a two count. Fulton splashes Trey to the corner and lays him on the turnbuckle and drops the elbow. Trey grabs Austin’s can and hits Fulton with it and Austin. He gets disqualified. Trey goes and grabs a chair and smashes Fulton as the arena show ends.

The show closes with a view of a gold ring jacket with a giant E on the back. Someone grabs the elbow pad matching gear next to it as the show concludes.

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