FTR’s Dax Responds to Low Ki’s Rant about Not Wearing a Mask

Jun 28, 2020 - by James Walsh

Low Ki’s post to social media about COVID-19 has drawn a lot of criticism, and one of those chiming in is FTR’s Dax Harwood. As reported yesterday, Low Ki shared an image on Twitter yesterday alleging that wearing a mask is risky and “ultimately harms your health” which is why he is not wearing a mask. Low Ki made the comments based on claims that have been going around among anti-mask people that wearing a mask reduces your blood oxygenation level.

Harwood was among the many people who weren’t okay with the MLW star’s comments and he shared Low Ki’s post with his own comments, as you can see below:

I choose to wear a mask because it POSSIBLY will make my 6 y/o daughter’s life a little safer. Am I right? Who knows, but if wearing a dumb mask over my face will help my daughter or anyone else in the world, I’ll take the chance. & if it’s wrong, I wore a f***ing mask. Oh well.

— Dax FTR (

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