WWE Yanks Contract offer for Developental Wrestler Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Jun 27, 2020 - by James Walsh

According to a series of tweets by Spectrum Sports reporter Jon Alba, WWE reportedly pulled an NXT contract offer to a “top young talent” after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced for that wrestler. The name of the talent is still unknown since it was revealed off the record. 

Alba reported, “I’ve heard from multiple sources about #WWE pulling a contract offer from a top young talent involved in the recent string of sexual allegations that have come out about pro wrestlers. Obviously a situation the company (and everyone) has to take very seriously.” This was a talent WWE planned to bring in through NXT. 

Also, Alba later added that this offer was not for anyone who is currently under contract to the company. As previously noted, both Ligero, Jack Gallagher, and Travis Banks were released by WWE after allegations of sexual harassment, assault, and misconduct surfaced against them during the #SpeakingOut movement. 

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