Vito LoGrasso on WWE & COVID: “it’s a HIPPA violation”

Jun 27, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Big Vito posted the following on his Facebook:

My response to WWE telling talent not to report Covid 19 it’s a HIPPA violation they say.

How can they call HIPPA when they out people for falling the Wellness Policy and out them for being sent to rehab. Double standard. Is anyone seeing I have been fighting for 5 years, but you all praise and support WWE. Fans, it’s part your fault for accepting this and when I said we needed a union and health benefits and structure I was mocked. Now that talent is facing possible fatal results, possible death with Corvid-19 and people who have children at home wives parents living with them, they the WWE continue to put everyone’s life and health in danger, and they don’t give a shit . Remember the protocol they were suppose to follow and have immediate testing, all of a sudden now they do it as talent NiaJax and others TikTok from the Performance Center with no masks on like it’s a joke and they make WWE look like a bunch of Hippocrates. You can post my response and I hope all dirt sheets pick it up. Take a stand guys and be safe. Don’t be sheep. If enough of you don’t go to TV tapings they can’t have a show. Unionize. You need it more then ever now. – Vito Lo Grasso

Repost everywhere you want WWE doesn’t like people who stand up for themselves.

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