Some Top WWE Names Reportedly Not Wanting to Work TV Tapings Until Masks are Mandatory

Jun 27, 2020 - by James Walsh

A new rumor floating around suggests that WWE could be short a couple of main roster stars until the company mandates masks at TV tapings, as well as Ric Flair. says that according to people that’ve spoken to backstage, there are wrestlers considering staying home for the next tapings and “at least two” members of the main roster have decided that they will not return until masks are a requirement for anyone not involved in a match.

The site reports that one person backstage was “furious” for having Ric Flair on shows considering Flair’s health issues from a couple years ago, although Flair is said to have been happy to be at Raw and had the choice to stay home. One person believed that choice should have been made for him by WWE instead of giving him the option to show. Flair is reportedly not set to be at future tapings after the spate of positive tests in the company recently.

The report adds that WWE is rewriting Raw, which is set to tape tomorrow. Tonight’s Smackdown was also said to have been rewritten as a result of the spate of positive test results.

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