More on the departure of Tessa Blanchard from Impact Wrestling

Jun 26, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Relations between Tessa Blanchard and Impact Wrestling had become increasingly icy in recent weeks, especially after Blanchard did not send promos from Mexico (where she has been residing since the Covid 19 situation) for the 6/1 episode of Impact on AXS.

That footage was slated to have been edited into a sit-down interview conducted by Josh Mathews “via satellite.” When that material was not received, Impact had to re-edit the episode with other content and have host segments of the show changed and new voiceovers cut.

Impact sources cite that there were attempts made to get Blanchard to return and drop the title but that the two sides were not able to come to terms, leading to Impact Wrestling opting to cut off ties and move forward.

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