Liv Morgan Bashes WWE for Editing her RAW Match

Jun 25, 2020 - by James Walsh

Photo Credit: WWE

On RAW this past Monday, Liv Morgan lost a short match to Natalya, who revealed Lana to be her new manager. In a post on Twitter, Morgan said the match was edited and claimed WWE shared photos of the footage that was cut. It’s notable that the photos show Morgan on offense, which wasn’t really the case in the match that aired.

She wrote: “Thank you for posting photos of what you cut out of my match I guess. Appreciate it @wwe.”

Based on a series of tweets by Sportskeeda’s Gary Cassidy, there might be some new insight on the recent frustration WWE Superstar Liv Morgan expressed on social media earlier today, where she criticized WWE for editing out parts of her Raw match with Natalya. According to Cassidy, it’s rumored that Liv Morgan requested to Vince McMahon that she be switched to the Raw brand since she wasn’t getting booked on TV while she was a part of Smackdown.

Ultimately, Vince McMahon approved Morgan’s request to move to Raw. However, Cassidy reported, “None of Paul Heyman’s pitches for how to debut Liv would be approved by Vince – until the idea of the wedding debut was pitched.” That’s referring to the angle where Liv Morgan came out on Raw and revealed herself as the mistress of Lana when Lana was getting married to Bobby Lashley on TV. Despite that reveal meaning that Morgan was having an affair with Lana while she was married to Rusev, it apparently made Lana the babyface in this storyline.

Based on Cassidy’s reporting, Heyman didn’t want to follow-up on the “lesbian” storyline involving Lana and Morgan. Instead, Heyman’s rumored hope was to debut Morgan on Raw in order to set up a mixed tag team match featuring Morgan and Rusev against Lashley and Lana. This would then transition to Morgan vs. Lana to re-establish Morgan as a babyface that could bump for Lana on TV and build off of Lana’s heel heat. The angle where Lana and Morgan were previously lovers was never really brought up again as part of the storyline.

Ultimately, it’s rumored that the “final stages” of the Lana and Morgan storyline didn’t happen due to various events that took place. It was reported back in February that Rusev was rumored to be in a contract dispute with WWE. Two months later, he was released from the company.

During last Monday’s Raw, it appeared that Morgan was possibly starting an angle with her former stablemate, Ruby Riott.

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