Vito: Lets chat on this #Speakingout

Jun 23, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Wrestling Rant – Vito Lo Grasso

What a week. Lets chat on this #Speakingout. Guys I started in 1990 in the WWF in 1991. My journey begins. You think things dont exist ? They did, it was just keep quiet in a culture. No social media, Kay Fabe was real. Back then the Ring Boy term was used. Now on that WWF ring crew there were some famous people. People who you would never think lived an alternative lifestyle. It was just kept hush. You saw, you knew, you kept quiet. If you think all this just happened yesterday, you are very misled. You go back and google from the 80s on and you’ll see the most famous lawsuits and the biggest scandal’s in WWF/WWE History. From the Eddie Mansfields, to the debates if wrestling was fake, to issues concerning a union and health benefits for the boys. Go back to talk shows where Capt. Lou Albano spoke on TV about it. Jesse Ventura, he spoke, Kevin Nash spoke , Roddy Piper, yours truly spoke for the boys.

We come to this where people who have had things done wrong to them have finally spoken up in an ERA where your standing up for your rights. What’s in your soul, what people have done to you. You are ashamed and feel humiliated. It burns inside you and finally an outlet. There is a list with alot of names on it. Some ugly things were done. Horrible things. Makes you sick. Some on the list are not warranted, but some you just shake your head. Its a business I am ashamed of. This part I did not sign up for and neither did the victims. I commend those who have the courage to speak up and #Speakout. For those guilty of things with minors, if that was yours, What would you do as a parent ? You think your a star but you abuse all that goes with it. Bullying ? I have seen some of the best in the Biz. They prey on the weak. But if you got a set and they know there’s a chance they will get there ass handed to them guess what, it dosent happen to them. I have stuck up for many in this business who have been Bullied. Made fun of, Picked on. There on this Facebook page and many I have helped. I mite have been tough on guys to learn and train and do things in this wrestling business a certain way, but i never put up with it. I know there are others like me who have done the same.

There should be a documentary on this subject. Not some bullshit documentary about your bullshit career but a subject that can help teach and educate people on how to handle this. Out the guilty people for what is done and ban them from wrestling . Something funny, When you stick up for yourself and speak out, They Blackball you. But if you can speak your mind and be at peace with yourself, its ok because there is life after wrestling. To those guilty with evidence on this list, be ashamed and hope no one dose this to your child, wife , husband , girlfriend or boyfriend. Apologize to that person and beg for there forgiveness. To those who have come out, Thank you for opening the door for many people in this business done wrong. Be proud, don’t be ashamed no more. To those who did these things, seek help. If we cleared this crap out of the wrestling business it might go back to being Special. Right now its at its all time low. #Speakout it will Clear Your Soul. Enjoy. Please Share.

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