Bischoff Reflects on Famous Powerbomb Off the Stage from Great American Bash 1996

Jun 23, 2020 - by James Walsh

On the latest edition of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed a report by Wade Keller that the idea of Dusty Rhodes taking the legendary powerbomb off the stage from Kevin Nash at the 1996 WCW Great American Bash was considered. Bischoff, who ended up taking the powerbomb, said the report was nonsense and had zero truth to it. Highlights are below.

On the report being false: “I don’t know where Wade Keller got his information but there was nothing further from the truth. There was never any discussion about using Dusty Rhodes in that spot, that’s just complete and utter nonsense. Wherever Wade got, and look, I respect Wade Keller, I read his site to this day, it’s not anything personal, but in this particular case, he was probably falling victim to the same kind of disease that Dave Meltzer still has to this day, and listening to information that was completely fabricated, that was not true. If there is anybody out there, and I don’t expect everybody to believe every word I say, that’s unrealistic, but if you’re having a hard time believing me because you’re a Dave Meltzer fan, I’m gonna be kind, go back and look at what happened on May 27th. The angle was with me, it wasn’t with Dusty, Dusty was nowhere to be found on May 27th when Scott Hall made his appearance and made the threat, Dusty was nowhere to be found when Kevin Nash came along a week later and we started ratcheting up the intensity of this storyline.”

On how it made no sense to even suggest Dusty Rhodes for that spot: “So to suggest that Dusty Rhodes was gonna be the guy, on its surface, anybody that would have been thinking about it for just a little bit, ‘Wait a minute, I’m not buying that, that doesn’t make any sense,’ then, forget about the fact that from a storyline perspective there was nothing to suggest even remotely that somehow Dusty Rhodes was going to be involved in this angle, to even suggest that for a moment, even for a split second, there would have been any conversation between anybody that wasn’t really f***ing high about Dusty Rhodes taking a powerbomb is absurd on its face. The fact that someone suggested that it had been discussed, to me, tells me everything I need to know about the source of that information to Wade Keller, and I’m embarrassed for Wade that he was dumb enough to present it, and print it.”

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