WWE Backstage will no longer be produced weekly

Jun 22, 2020 - by James Walsh

More details are coming out about the apparent halt of WWE Backstage. PWInsider reports that FOX held a meeting several hours ago, telling everyone working on the show that it is “done in its current format” for now. The belief among those involved in the show is that the show is “done” completely with the exception of the “outside chance” that it could be used for special programming, and there is currently no plan for such a thing to happen although the situation is being left open so FOX Sports 1 could to more if they wanted. 

There will not be a new episode produced tomorrow, and a rerun of an older episode is likely to air tomorrow. As for CM Punk, he is under contract to FOX and not WWE so Punk would need to sign a contract with WWE in order to be moved to other WWE programming.

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