Rusev on Cena: ‘Cena Knows More Than Anybody in the Current Business’

Jun 21, 2020 - by James Walsh

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, former WWE Superstar Rusev had high praise for his former onscreen rival, John Cena. Below are some highlights.

Rusev on working with John Cena in WWE: “Then, at the end, we had Cena, but Cena man. Cena’s mentality, Cena’s psychology, Cena is so freaking good because he knew. He knew what the deal is, and he just knows. He just gets it because Cena knows it. He is the freaking thing. Him just beating me up for live five minutes. That’s what happened. I think he beat me up for give minutes. Then at the end, I caught a fluke. He was like going to finish me with the AA, but I jumped right on top of him and put him right in the Accolade. And then he was passing out, and then [Kevin] Owens came in and kicked me and went to the DQ, which took him to the title. I remember that, but Cena knows so much. Cena knows more than anybody in the current business or in the years in the business. He just knows. Yeah, yeah, he is. I was so blessed. I was just so blessed to be ‘married’ to him for so long. We worked so many matches, like live events and everything. That’s where I think I excelled the most.”

Rusev on his first year on the main roster: “Well my first year, I was very fortunate to be able to work with all those legends, you know with Mark Henry, with Big Show, with [Jack] Swagger, with Big E, with all these guys, all these fantastic like Hall of Famers when you think about it, and so many like Zack [Ryder]. I don’t want to disrespect anybody. I learned so much from everybody. And I knew I know what I was doing, but just being with them, you just learn from every single person that you get. When you work with Show, he teaches me some maneuvers or whatever the case, and now you get to work with a giant. You know how to work with a big guy. Working with Mark, it’s a completely different story. With Swagger, Swagger is just amazing. Once you come to Cena, Cena is just, ‘See you in the ring,’ and you go out there and you have a match with Cena against — in front of 10-15,000 people. That’s what a match with Cena is. That’s how it was with Big Show too. So there. And then you learn and you just listen to the people.”

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