Claim: Will Ospreay and Bea Priestly blacklisted Pollyanna

Jun 21, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Following allegations he and his girlfriend Bea Priestly got fellow pro wrestler Pollyanna blackballed/blacklisted, Will Ospreay issued a statement and apology:

“Here is a statement regarding my deleted tweet from 3 years ago. More importantly my apology to Pollyanna. If there is anything more I can do please reach out & keep Speaking Out. Please know I haven’t committed any crime & I am one of the good guys, I’m just severely uneducated.”

Pollyanna responded:

“You are not sorry. You did blacklist me. When I first messaged your friend’s Mrs, you then told everyone I had lied about us sleeping together. I know, I have sources from so many different people telling me Bea would be saying awful things about me in a locker room.”

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