Trent Seven Accused of Trying To ‘Hook Up’ With Underage Girls, Seven Says Allegations Are Untrue

Jun 20, 2020 - by James Walsh

Many wrestlers have been accused of sexual misconduct, including several from the British wrestling scene. Trent Seven is the latest, as he was accused of trying to drink and ‘hook up’ with underage girls. The accuser wrote:

“My story takes place during the Orlando Mania in 2017. I was fairly new to the britwres scene at the time & excited to have that weekend include my first Progress show, as well as my first Mania. As is the case, I was meeting, hanging out, and drinking with various wrestlers over the course of that weekend because truly, the venue where Progress and WWN shows were being held ended up a big party, especially when the midnight shows were running.

The details are hazy. I was drinking, but I wasn’t blackout drunk, and it’s been over 3 years. At some point, I remember being around Trent Seven and was watching Trent flirt with a group of 3 girls that I had overheard earlier having people go to the bar to get drinks for them as they were underage. He was trying to convince them to go to the bar at the venue to grab drinks for him, as he was selling merch, telling them to get whatever they wanted when they went, every time they went.

It was clear to me that he wasn’t acknowledging their apprehension, trying to get them to drink & undoubtedly hook up and I wasn’t about to let it go unaddressed. I inserted myself into the situation, going to the bar instead and taking the attention from them to myself. We ended up having sex that night and I will never forget how afterwards he told me not to tell anyone or he’d harm himself. He said that to me several times afterwards.

I didn’t know until later that he was in a committed relationship and his cheating on her was/is common. If I had known, I wouldn’t have had sex with him, but that’s besides the point. The point is: he was blatantly ignoring that these girls were underage, uncomfortable, and if I hadn’t stepped in, one or all of them, could’ve potentially been put in a bad spot, no matter if they had consented or not. I shouldn’t have needed to step in, period.”

Seven has since responded to the claims, writing: “The assumptions in the claim against me are untrue and a defamation of character. I will be taking this matter further.”

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