Mickie James: “My heart is so heavy and BROKEN”

Jun 19, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

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My heart is so heavy and BROKEN. For everyone who is #SpeakingOut I am so incredibly proud of you. As an open SURVIVOR & vocal advocate AGAINST Childhood Sexual Abuse I feel that I KNOW you. I know how HARD it is to finally FACE your FEAR and TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! I know the struggle to finally be ready to USE YOUR VOICE! I know how long you have looked in the mirror and even BLAMED yourself. It takes true COURAGE to stand in your TRUTH. Especially in a WORLD so quick to BLAME the victim. For those of you who aren’t ready PLEASE know that’s ok too, I UNDERSTAND. I LOVE you. I am WITH you. In my own constant HEALING I think this is my only real LIVING truth… How I EMBRACED my pain to RECLAIM… and truly began to CHAMPION my own LIFE. 💋 “I do NOT give them my POWER. I will not allow it to DEFINE me, but to REMIND me. To EMPOWER me to be EVERYTHING I aim to be. I have been broken, I have been AWOKEN. ALL of these SHATTERED pieces, & all the GLUE bits to my SOUL that holds it TOGETHER is what MAKES me STRONGER than they could EVER be! It MAKES me EVERYTHING I always THRIVE to be. I love… ME!” 💔 I love you 💔

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