Gallagher attempts to apologize privately as another accuser comes forward

Jun 19, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

After reaching out to a friend in common, 205 Live star Jack Gallagher attempted to apologize for what he did to Becky, the Twitter user JayneBkyboo who accused him of inappropriate behavior at a New Year’s Eve party in 2014. Gallagher reached out to the individual who hosted the party at his house to ask if this was at his party. “Yes. Becky didn’t mention it to me at the time,” the host replies to Gallagher. “I have no f*cking memory of this,” the WWE Superstar answers back. “I am mortified this happened in my home and have no memory of it happening. I think I was in another room,” the host replies. Gallagher then mentions that he has to apologize to Becky and asked if it would be appropriate if he messages her as an apology. “I mean will she be mortified?” Gallagher asks. “I can’t change anything but at least I can apologize properly.” It turns out though that Becky didn’t want Gallagher to message her directly. “He knows what he did,” she replied, posting the private messages. “No you may not talk to me Jack. You need to apologise to all the women you have hurt.” Meanwhile, another anonymous person has come forward with her own Gallagher story, saying he tried to penetrate her while she was sleeping and woke up while he was reaching over her to grab a condom from her bedside drawer. “He said ‘You must need a rest’ and then moved away. I fell back asleep. I saw a condom in the bedroom bin the next morning and was like what the f*ck?,” she wrote, adding she has no recollection of the night and hopes that he actually did stop. Gallagher has yet to address the allegations publicly.

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