Independent wrestler accused on accused of sexual abuse

Jun 18, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

On Wednesday, Independent wrestler David Starr was accused of sexual abuse by his former partner Victoria.
Starr denied being a sexual predator and the allegations against him, but admitted to being a dickhead to his past partners. He also admitted in an unsent letter that he didn’t know he was violating his partner, but that doesn’t mean he did and that a lack of a verbalized “no” doesn’t mean consent.

In his lengthy statement, Starr said, “if this is the end of wrestling for me, that’s ok”.
It is unknown if it is the end of Starr’s wrestling career, but promotions have already taken action against him.

Over The Top Wrestling, Revolution Pro, and TNT Extreme Wrestling stripped Starr of their respective championships in light of the allegations.

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