WWE employee says backstage environment today is a “Cluster****” and a Clownshow

Jun 17, 2020 - by James Walsh

PWInsider reports that WWE is set to have a very long day of taping today, which began at 11 AM ET and is expected to continue through tonight. WWE is not only taping tonight’s episode of NXT, but every episode of WWE programming for next week.

This includes next week’s RAW, RAW Talk, Main Event, Smackdown and NXT, as well as two episodes of 205 Live for this and next week. They will tape RAW, Smackdown, RAW Talk, Main Event and 205 Live during the day at the Performance Center, before going to Full Sail Live to tape the two episodes of NXT. NXT may broadcast live on USA tonight but it’s unknown for sure.

The report notes that this could be the longest WWE TV taping ever in company history. WWE will next tape shows from June 29 to July 1, then July 13-15, then Extreme Rules live at the Performance Center on July 19.

The reason for the long taping is because yesterday’s taping was cancelled after a Performance Center trainee tested positive for COVID-19.

WWE’s long taping day is set to be even longer, as PWInsider reports that the company missed its start time by around 40 minutes, and as of this writing there is no word on if tapings have started. According to the report, there are still wrestlers and staff outside of the Performance Center waiting for their COVID-19 test results. They will not be allowed inside until they are cleared.

The mood is said to be one of frustration, as talent wants to get through the day but haven’t even had the chance to start yet.

Meanwhile, SportsKeeda reports that there have been multiple rewrites for the shows as some employees had to wait as long as three hours to be tested.

Gary Cassidy
I’ve been told that, yesterday, some WWE employees had to wait for up to three hours to undergo COVID-19 testing.

I’ve also been told that there have since been “multiple rewrites” for this week’s programming.

PWInsider is now reporting that WWE has cancelled the taping of the June 26 episode of Smackdown due to the delays in getting today’s production started. The show will now tape on June 26, just a few hours before it airs on FOX. WWE is still set to tape next week’s RAW, Main Event and two episodes of 205 Live at the Performance Center before heading to Full Sail Live for two episodes of NXT.

This week’s Smackdown was taped on Monday.

PWInsider reports that WWE’s taping is now finally underway, two hours behind schedule. The company is still waiting on talents and staff to enter the Performance Center, as some of them have still not received their COVID-19 test results.

John Pollock of POST Wrestling added that the tapings have started with episodes of 205 Live and Main Event.

John Pollock

More on the WWE TV tapings today, as it was just described to me:

The tapings for Main Event are underway with 205 Live and Raw to follow today.

There were delays with the tapings because the test results were trickling in.

The WrestleVotes account has chimed in with a source from today’s WWE TV tapings. The account shared a text message with someone calling today’s TV tapings at the Performance Center a “full blown cluster****.” You can view the text message he shared below.

The person wrote via text message, “How can I put this nicely: a complete, unbelievable, lack of leadership, full blown CLUSTER****. They should be embarrassed. Total clown show.” WrestleVotes had originally asked if it was a “mess at the PC today.”

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