6/16/20 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jun 16, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Impact opens with a recap of last week’s show and a tease of what is ahead tonight. The Knockouts Championship match was featured in the package. Deonna Purrazzo is shown making in Impact in her debut as well. Once again, the action begins in an empty arena, a lit stage and ramp. Tonight’s call is made by Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne.

The Rascalz are shown looking uncomfortable together backstage.

Match 1 The Rascalz VS The North, Josh Alexander and Ethan Page For the World Tag Team Championships.

Alexander and Wentz start off for their respective teams and the Rascalz start with kicks and quick tags. Dez slows the pace finally with a tie up and repeated punches in the corner until another tag and double team off the top rope. Alexander finally connects with a stiff punch and drags Wentz to Page for a tag. Page punches Wentz a few times and tags right back to Alexander who connects with a knee drop and gets a quick two count. Wentz begins to make a comeback and they trade punches until Wentz hits a back handspring into a high knee. Dez is tagged in and goes for a pin that Page breaks up. Dez gets sidewalk slammed by Alexander, who then tags in Page. Page gets another two count after some kicks. He continues to work slower with kicks and tags in Alexander and they confuse the ref and double team Dez in the corner. Page back in connects with a clothesline and taunts Wentz on the ring apron. Page and Alexander perform the handoff suplex. Page gives Dez a backbreaker and twists Dez not giving up position. Page follows up with a DDT. Back from break, Page has Dez in a front facelock. Dez blocks a powerbomb and tags Wentz who is rested. Wentz connects with palm strikes and a high knee to Page in the corner. Alexander comes in, but Dez takes him out of the ring. Wentz hits a standing moonsault on Page for a two count. Dez back in and mokey flips Page into a Wentz Superkick. Dez gets a two count. Dez misses a leap from the top rope and Page hits 3 side kicks. Alexander enters and gets hit with a Canadian Destroyer by Wentz and a two count. Dez gets thrown to the barricade by Page. Wentz gets put in the torcher rack by Alexander to a powerslam by Page. Wentz gets pinned by Page for the win.

Winners and still Champions. The North

The North are seen backstage celebrating. Page is complaining nobody is watching in the back.

Rayne and Matthews are shown also backstage. Matthews wonders if The North will retain the belts much longer. They also go over tonight’s card. Matthews then says something bad is happening and we go to the Rascalz finding Trey down after yet another attack backstage. Dez says they know who did this as we go to break.

Jimmy Jacobs is with Ace Austin requesting an interview about Trey’s attack. Eddie Edwards tries to get to Ace but is held back. He says he will get him later.

Match 2.. Kimber Lee VS Nevaeh with Havok

Nevaeh makes her debut tonight against Kimber. Tasha Steez and Kiera Hogan come out to watch. Kimber knocks down Kevaeh and ties her up quickly with a leg lock, but Nevaeh escapes. Kimber Lee rakes the eyes and uses her foot to choke Nevaeh against the ropes. She follows it up with a suplex. Navaeh reverses a whip into a back elbow and short arm closeline. She follows it up with a beautiful German Suplex for a two count. Kimber gets up and hits a series of kicks and gets a count of two as well. Nevaeh rebounds and hits a beautiful DDT and gets the win.

Winner Nevaeh

Hogan and Steelz taunt Havok and Nevaeh after the match leading to a quick shoving match that looks to set up a future match.

The North are shown asking backstage crew if they are watching their highlights on an Ipad. When they admit they are not, Page destroys the Ipad.

Cancel Culture vignette is next.

Krazy Steve promo next saying he is homicidal and wants to destroy Cancel Culture with some partners next week.

Match 3. Rahit VS Rhino

Rahit attacks Rhino as he enters from the ramp. Rhino is staggering as the bell rings. Rahit is all over him with kicks and punches in the corner. Rhino catches Rahit with a elbow in desperation, but still falls to the outside. Rahit follows him and slams his head on the ring apron then breaks the count and goes right back to the outside. Rhino is tossed into the steel and he rolls back in the ring. Rahit stays on the attack, choking Rhino over the ring ropes. Every time Rhino makes a comeback, Rahit gets the better of the exchange until he blocks a kick and gets a suplex followed with a back elbow. Rahit recovers with a high knee and goes to the top, but misses. Rhino hits and GORE and it is over that quick.

Winner Rhino

Rahit dominated but lost again. He is enraged and begins having another temper tantrum.

Flashback of the week. EC3 pins Kurt Angle to become TNA World Champion.

Elgin is shown on his phone. Jimmy Jacobs questions him if he had anything to do with Trey’s attack. Elgin says he would have done it for everyone and the hospital would have been called if he was involved.

Susie is with Kylie Ray. Susie says she may need to turn bad. Kylie says no. Taya Valkyre interrupts and calls them losers. Susie agrees to be good.

Match 4 Hernandez VS Moose for the TNA World Championship

Moose enters and instructs David Penzer to call the match as a championship match. He wants to be now knowns as Mr. Impact Wrestling, Moose. Moose and Hernandez start quick. Moose is quickly flipped over the ropes to the outside. Hernandez whips him into the steel cornerpost and then back in the ring. Moose trips Hernandez, who falls face first to the corner. He lays the boots in, then picks up Hernandez and tosses him to the corner and follows up with a strong running elbow. After another whip to the opposite corner, Moose drop kicks Hernandez over the top rope. Moose had great elevation with the move. Hernandez gets back in the ring, but Moose lays boots to his head and rakes the eyes. Moose spends a lot of time gloating to the camera man. He goes back to gouging the eyes and mouth of Hernandez. He is using every second of the refs count. Hernandez, after having enough, choked slammed Moose. He hits the Supermax, a backbreaker and gets a count of two. Moose connects with a low blow and hits a Lights Out tackle and gets a three count.

Winner and still TNA World Champion Moose

Before Moose has his hand raised, EC3’s music is played for a brief second. Moose looks around, but the music fades and the ref raises his hand in victory.

Backstage The Rascalz are still trying to figure out who jumped Trey. Reno Scum say they have nothing to do with it.

The Deaners are shown outside on a bench talking about how much they missed each other presumably during the pandemic. Willie Mack is next to them looking confused. They begin making fun of Johnny Swinger and Chris Bey. The Deaners give Mack a beer and Mack does a funny and good improvisation of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Very funny stuff.

Match 5 Reno Scum VS XXXL

Acey and Adam start for their respective teams. Acey just picks up Adam and carries him to the corner and makes a tag to Larry D. They both tackle Luster. Thornstone hits a drop kick and Luster helps with some boots to Larry D’s head. Scum work over Larry in the corner. Luster and Adam work in tandem with tags and double team moves. Adam hits a standing moonsault. Larry finally overpowers Adam Thornstone and hits a powerslam. Both make a tag, but Luster has no ability to stop the rested Acey Romero. Romero connects with shoulder blocks and a sidewalk slam on Luster. Romero tags back to Larry D. Luster takes a clothesline, but outside interference from Adam allows Luster to hit a Spinebuster, then a Double Stomp from Adam gets Reno Scum the win.

Winners Reno Scum

Johnny Swinger and Bey are talking backstage about the sixman tag. Swinger says he has a partner and they will be ready for them.

Deonna Purrazzo is next. She is talking about her training and where she has been since she left TNA years ago. She says she is ready for today.

Champion Jordynne Grace is attacked during an interview by Purrazzo. Purrazzo is ready to challenge and Madison Rayne can’t wait to see what is next.

Main Event. Ace Steel VS Eddie Edwards. Street Fight.

Edwards attacks Steel on the ramp as Ace enters. Anything goes so this is fine. Edwards looks to gain an advantage and goes and gets a garbage can full of weapons. Ace takes a chair. Edwards hits Ace with the can. Then grabs a lid, but Ace stops him. Edwards crotches Ace on the barricade, but Austin knocks Edwards to the ground as we go to break. Ace has Edwards tied up in the corner. He has the garbage can on Eddie and is kicking it repeatedly. He then rubs his elbow in Edwards eyes and connects with a high knee. Edwards tries to fight back, but Ace’s kicks and suplexes are too much at this point. Ace grabs some pans and slaps them to each side of Eddie’s head. Edwards finally connects with a forearm and some pan shots. Ace gets tossed to the outside, Edwards tries to go to the air on the outside, but Ace slams a pan to his head mid air. Ace grabs a barricade and sets it up against the ring. He goes back to Edwards eyes with a pipe. Eddie stopped himself from going into the set up barricade, and backdrops Ace onto the railing. This was a gross fall. Edwards returns the eye rake to Ace. Eddie connects with a sign next. He then hits a Blue Thunder Bomb. Ace kicks out of the pin at two. The pans are used again by Edwards. He then grabs a chair, but Ace blocks it and goes to the top and kicks the chair into Edwards face. Ace gets a table from under the ring and brings it inside. As he sets it up, Edwards struggles to his feet only to be booted back to the corner by Austin. Edwards is punched and hit with a sign. Austin drags him to the top of the table and goes to the top. Edwards follows and sets him up for a suplex on to the table, but Ace pulls out a trademark, playing card and slices the eyes of Edwards. Ace hits a crossbody, but Eddie kicks out at two. Eddie hits Ace with a Tiger Driver after smashing Ace with another sign. Edwards goes to the outside and gets a kendo stick. Ace hits a drop toe hold on Eddie as he tried to him with the cane. Eddie landed on his eyes and face again. Ace grabs the kendo stick but misses with it and Eddie grabs it away and levels Ace. Edwards flips the table and performs a neck breaker on the legs of the table. This is gruesome. Madman Fulton comes from the outside and chokeslams Edwards multiple times. Fulton holds up Edwards and Ace hits the Fold for the win.

Winner of the Match. Ace Austin

The show ends with Rayne assuming Fulton must have been the person attacking Trey all along. Ace and Fulton are now a team.

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