WWE Hoping to Have Live Events with Live Crowd by End of Summer

Jun 15, 2020 - by James Walsh

WWE is working on possible plans to run live events again, with an eye toward the end of the summer. PWInsider has confirmed that the company has begun work on strategies to get back on the road and that the hope is that events outside the WWE PC and Full Sail could begin before the fall. Some in the company are said to be hoping to have events outside of the TV tapings by August and that while that is definitely being discussed, the thought among others are that such a timeframe would be premature. 

As of now, the process is still early and described as “day to day.” Plans and strategies are changing rapidly as they work on different contingency plans to deal with running shows during the pandemic. Plans for logisitic concerns like social distancing, potential infection spikes, a variance in regulations froom state to state and the like are all things WWE will have to consider. 

The company’s last live event was the March 9th episode of Raw in Washington, DC. Currently, the earliest scheduled live event not canceled is September 1st in South Africa, but nothing is official going forward as of yet. 

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