Taker documentary addresses Starrcast autograph signing fiasco

Jun 15, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

In Chapter Four of The Last Ride on the WWE Network, the documentary addressed the fiasco of the Starrcast autograph signing where The Undertaker was booked to appear during the fan fest held at the AEW Double or Nothing weekend last year.

Taker said that he had engaged a social media person to help him start doing things online and get endorsements and the opportunity came to do a signing in Las Vegas. Taker swore that he did not know that the signing was attached to the competition and said he doesn’t keep up like most people do.

Eventually, his agreement to show up at Starrcast stirred up a whole lot of problems and he got a phone call from Vince McMahon asking him what is he doing. Taker said he assured Vince that he’s not going anywhere and he’s not jumping ship and he should know that.

The Undertaker was pulled from the signing, along with Kurt Angle, and Taker said that he didn’t speak to Vince for a while after that because he was angry at him but the two then settled their differences and said that everything has been “sunshine and rainbows” since then!

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