WWE RAW Report 6/15/2020

Jun 15, 2020 - by Marc Middleton

– The post-Backlash edition of WWE RAW opens up on the USA Network with the normal video package.

– We’re live on a tape delay from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as Tom Phillips welcomes us. He goes over tonight’s show. Tom is joined by Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton.

– We go right to the ring and out comes Randy Orton to a mixed reaction from the crowd of WWE NXT developmental trainees. Tom shows us a photo from the surgery that WWE Hall of Famer Edge underwent to repair the torn triceps suffered at Backlash.

Orton takes the mic and says he beat Edge and humiliated him, wrote the final chapter in his redemption. Orton says he also gave Edge closure. Orton goes on about when he first saw Edge return earlier this year he knew this was coming but Edge had to just trust him, the same way he trusted Edge years ago. Orton says he was not the last man standing at WrestleMania 36 but here he is after “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” and that makes him the best, and he doesn’t need a WWE Title to prove it.

Orton says what he does need to do is thank Edge. He goes on and mentions Edge’s triceps tear. He knew when the injury happened but he kept going when he could’ve stopped, so he could send Edge home to be with his family. Orton knows Edge isn’t here because he’s in some hospital while doctors try to re-attack the muscle to the bone. It seems Edge has another mountain to climb and Orton hopes to hell he reaches it. Orton hears Edge will be cleared in July… 2029. Orton taunts Edge for being out another 9 years but the music interrupts and out comes Christian.

Christian calls Orton a son of a bitch. He’s known Edge all his life and Edge isn’t done, he doesn’t quit. He will be back and he’s going to kick Orton’s ass. Orton fires back and comments on Christian being jealous. Orton knows that Christian wants just… one more match. Christian denies this, he’s just here for his friend. Orton goes on about how the ring was taken away from Christian before he was ready to say goodbye. Orton knows Christian isn’t medically cleared to compete, but he has a way around that. Orton proposes they go at it in an Unsanctioned Match tonight. Orton says the offer expires at the end of the night and if Christian doesn’t accept, then that proves what everyone already knows – that Christian is nothing but a coward. Orton drops the mic and smirks at Christian as he exits the ring. Christian stares him down.

– Charly Caruso is backstage with Angel Garza and Zelina Vega. She shows us what happened at Backlash with WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews retaining over Andrade and Kevin Owens stopping Garza from interfering. Charly asks Garza if he feels bad about possibly costing Andrade the title win. Vega says no one cost anyone else the title. She goes on but Garza interrupts by putting his arm around her and she doesn’t look thrilled. Garza Angel tried to help Andrade. Angel goes on about letting go and how he can’t understand the heartbreak. He says they feel for Andrade and Owens. Vega says Garza has to prove it in a match with Owens. Garza flirts and asks Caruso if he can have a special interview once he beats Andrade. Andrade walks up and they shake hands. Andrade hopes Garza beats Owens but if he doesn’t, he hopes Garza can deal with the disappointment. Andrade walks off, leaving Garza and Vega stunned.

– Still to come, Owens vs. Garza. Back to commercial.

Kevin Owens vs. Angel Garza

Back from the break and out first comes Angel Garza with Zelina Vega. Kevin Owens is out next as Mike Rome does the introductions.

The bell rings and they go right to work with aggressive back & forth. The music interrupts and out comes Andrade to watch the match from ringside. Vega is on the other side of the ring. Garza works Owens over in the corner. Garza ends up snatching his pants off but Owens tries to use them to his advantage. Owens goes for a Stunner but it’s blocked. Garza ends up on the floor but he tries to come back in and Owens knocks him back to the floor. Andrade and Garza start arguing at ringside. Vega yells at them to stop. She says she is tired of this. Vega walks off to the back as Andrade and Garza look on. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Owens turns it around in the corner. Owens goes for a splash but Garza moves and then kicks him. Garza with a dropkick from the top for a close 2 count. Garza pounds on Owens and keeps him grounded by bending his leg and arm. Owens comes back and ends up dropping Garza with a Stunner for the pin to win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

– After the match, Owens stands tall as his music hits and then makes his exit. Andrade and Garza start arguing in the ring. Vega comes back out and tells them to stop because they both want the same thing. The crowd boos before they exit the ring with Vega leading the way to the back.

– The announcers show us shots from Bobby Lashley vs. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre at Backlash. MVP is backstage talking with Lashley now. He gives Lashley his word that if they keep on, he will have everything he wants. Sarah Schreiber walks up for comments but MVP snaps at her, saying this is a private conversation, not on the record. He tells her to go back to journalism school and asks how dare she interrupt them. Lashley says they are in the middle of a strategic discussion for tonight’s tag team match against the clown R-Truth and McIntyre. Schreiber goes on but MVP interrupts and does admit that Backlash didn’t work out how they wanted, but they’re about to address that. We go back to a break.

– Back from a break and out comes Bobby Lashley and MVP.

MVP takes the mic and starts praising Lashley, saying he should be our WWE Champion. MVP says Drew McIntyre had the gall to capitalize on unfortunate circumstances with Lashley’s wife, who is forever thirsty and came down to the ring to quench that thirst for the spotlight. He says this is exclusively Lana’s fault that Lashley doesn’t have the title and if Drew had integrity, he would’ve given Lashley a rematch. But instead he chooses to stand behind another man’s wife, who was told not to bring her behind to the ring. The music interrupts and out comes Lana with a mic.

Lana says it was MVP’s stupid idea to ban her from ringside. She knows Her Bobby knows she would never hurt him and she puts her career ahead of his. She even got a divorce for Her Bobby. Lana goes on about how everything good to Lashley came from her, and it got screwed up when MVP showed up. He fires back and calls her a “thot” but she yells back and tells him to never talk like that to her again. MVP is a snake. They continue arguing about who is better for Lashley. Lana tells him to show her some respect when he talks to her because she is a woman. Lana says they were on a hot streak, what happened? Lashley says we?

Lashley asks when was the last time she laced up her boots, or did anything that wasn’t for likes on social media. He goes on and says Backlash was his night but she made it all about her and ruined it for him. He’s sick and tired of her putting their private life on social media. He says she put their sex tape out there so she could become someone famous. Lana says if she wanted to use her sex life for fame she would’ve slept with someone actually famous. Maybe she should’ve slept with Drew? Lashley interrupts and declares that he wants a divorce. Lana is shocked. MVP and Lashley exit the ring as his music plays. A stunned Lana starts getting emotional in the ring.

– Tom leads us to a video package on the rivalry between The Viking Raiders and RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits. Sarah is backstage with both teams now. She asks if they have a plan for this rivalry to come to an end. Montez Ford talks about how they came together at Backlash. Angelo Dawkins says they have to be thinking big picture for the rivalry. Sarah suddenly leaves as Akira Tozawa appears with his masked ninjas from Backlash, minus the giant and minus the motorcycles. Tozawa wants to be in the sequel but they’re not interested. Tozawa summons the giant ninja again. Tozawa laughs uncontrollably as the two teams stare the big man down. Erik wants to attack but Ivar, Ford and Dawkins hold him back, saying he’s not worth it. Tozawa and the ninjas are gone. Erik asks what are they going to do, fam? It sounds like they have a plan. We go back to commercial.

The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits vs. Akira Tozawa and 3 Ninjas

Back from the break and out come The Viking Raiders, Erik and Ivar, plus RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Akira Tozawa is out with some of his ninjas. The Giant Ninja is at ringside.

The bell rings with Erik nailing a big dropkick on Ninja 1. Dawkins tags in with a big tackle. Erik slams Dawkins on top of the ninja as the Giant Ninja looks on from the floor. Ford tags in with a big dropkick. Dawkins and Ivar with some double teaming now. Tozawa orders two ninjas to charge but they get dropped with the Cash Out and then two big splashes from Ford and Ivar off the top for the pin to win.

Winners: The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits

– After the match, the winners meet in the ring and celebrate as The Profits’ music hits. Tozawa enters the ring with his Giant Ninja and stands in front of him, ready for a fight. The two teams get in a huddle and then declare that they want the smoke. The music interrupts and out comes veteran WWE Superstar Big Show. Show is attacked by the ninjas as he enters the ring. Show fights them off with headbutts and chokeslams as The Profits and The Vikings hold the others back. Show drops another ninja with a KO Punch. Tozawa and his Giant Ninja watch from the floor, staying away from the beatdown. Show’s music hits as he stands with The Profits and The Vikings, staring at Tozawa and his Giant Ninja as they back up the ramp.

– Charly Caruso approaches Seth Rollins backstage. Rollins knows Rey Mysterio’s son Dominick is here, against his father’s wishes. He’s glad Dominick is here, he needs Dominick here. No one has seen him yet, but Rollins can feel that he’s here. Rollins is headed to the ring to deliver a message to Dominick and his father. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see what happened between Christian and Randy Orton earlier. Christian is shown backstage on the phone with someone. He says he knows all the risks involved with possibly fighting Orton. He’s not sure what he’s going to do yet but he also doesn’t know if he can let Orton get away with this. Christian says he’s got to go and hangs up the call. We go back to the announcers. Tom says Orton chose an Unsanctioned Match so WWE can’t be held liable for anything that happens.

– We go back to the ring and out comes Seth Rollins by himself. No sign of Austin Theory or Murphy.

Rollins takes the mic and says last week he invited Rey Mysterio to RAW this week so they could clear the air of this situation. Rollins says Rey is a hero and he did sacrifice himself for the greater good of RAW, that is the truth. But sadly Rey declined his invitation. He took the coward’s way out, didn’t want to show up and have a conversation with Rollins, but fortunately his son Dominick has made his way to RAW on behalf of the Mysterio family. Rollins goes on but Rey interrupts from the big screen.

Rollins interrupts Rey and says it’s good to hear him. Rey says he didn’t know Dominick was on his way to RAW until it’s too late. He can’t stop Dominick but he does know what Rollins is capable of and this is Rollins’ one warning. Rollins acts like he would never hurt Rey’s son. He wants to help him, not hurt him. Rollins tells Rey to do his fatherly duties for once in his life. He wants to help Dominick but he needs Rey to help him help his son. He needs Rey to convince Dominick to join Rollins, Theory and Murphy for the greater good. Rey speaks some in Spanish and says Dominick will never join Rollins, under no circumstances. Rollins says if that’s the case Rey is leaving him with little options. He says Murphy and Theory are out looking for Dominick now and when they bring him here, if he’s part of the problem and not the solution, then he must be sacrificed. Rey says if Rollins or his goons touch his son, he will end Rollins. Rollins hears Rey loud and clear. An eye for an eye, right? That’s what Dominick said. Rollins goes on and says Dominick is an adult and gets to make his own decisions. He can stand next to Rollins on the right side of history or he can make the choice that Rey made – become a sacrifice as well. Rey tells Rollins to stay away from his son.

Rollins, still on his knees, goes on to thank Rey. Dominick sneaks in the ring behind Rollins and attacks him. Dominick sends Rollins out and face-first into the barrier. Rey watches on the big screen as Murphy and Theory corner Dominick on the outside. He takes Murphy out and keeps getting past them, escaping to the crowd to retreat. Rollins’ disciples are on the other side of the barrier, throwing a fit as Dominick retreats to the back. Rey’s music hits and we see him on the big screen, relieved. Rollins is also upset in the ring as Murphy and Theory join him again.

– WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth approaches MVP and Bobby Lashley backstage and they’re annoyed. Truth jokes about Lashley losing at Backlash and then his troubles with Lana. They’re not laughing. They ask if Truth can back this up and he says of course he can. Truth ends up running away after they threaten him. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see MVP and Bobby Lashley hunting WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth. They find him and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is there. They have some words and MVP wants the champs to put their titles on the line in tonight’s tag team match. Drew eventually agrees to make this a Winner Takes All match after Truth interrupts and accepts the challenge first, annoying Drew. MVP and Lashley leave. Truth jokes that he can be Truth 2 Belts before the night is over. Truth walks off and Drew isn’t impressed.

Liv Morgan and Natalya vs. The IIconics

We go back to the ring and out comes the team of Liv Morgan and Natalya. The IIconics are out next – Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.

Royce starts off with Liv but Natalya tags herself in before it starts. Liv is annoyed a bit. Natalya gets dropped due to the distraction. Royce goes to work on Natalya and hits a stomp to the back of the head from the top. Kay tags in to cover for a 2 count. Kay keeps control and covers Natalya for a 2 count. Liv taunts Kay and Kay swings but misses. Natalya tries to roll her up for the pin. Liv gets the hot tag and unloads. Kay gets dropped and Royce is sent down on the apron.

Liv runs wild on Kay and nails a dropkick for a 2 count as Royce breaks the pin up. Natalya runs in but Royce sends her to the floor. Liv has Kay rolled up but the referee is distracted and misses the pin. Royce tags back in and they hit the double team Fall From Grace on Liv for the pin to win.

Winners: The IIconics

– After the match, The IIconics stand tall as their music hits. We go to replays. The IIconics take the mic and address WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley. They hope they were watching because this is what happens when they face one tag team. They go on and issue a challenge for a title match tonight. They don’t appear and Kay calls them cowards. It looks like they may know someone who can make the match for next week.

– Big Show is backstage talking to Christian about Randy Orton. Show isn’t trying to talk Christian out of the Unsanctioned Match, just trying to make him aware of the facts. Show doesn’t trust Orton but he knows he would erase the snarky smile off his face if he were Christian too. Christian hasn’t been in the ring but Show knows Orton is sadistic in the ring. Show says Christian needs to accept or tell Orton now is not the time. Christian says he knows what he’s got to do. He walks off.

– Back from the break and Liv Morgan is with Natalya in the back. Natalya knows Liv is trying to keep her cool but she made rookie mistakes out there, she lacks discipline. Natalya now knows why Ruby Riott let Liv go. Liv isn’t trying to hear it. She walks off and Natalya is confused why. Natalya goes on about building the division up for a bunch of ingrates. Lana appears and she’s still emotional. She goes on about how she was supposed to be married to the WWE Champion but now she’s just humiliated. She put everything into Her Bobby but now he’s divorcing her. Lana says she’s tired of being blamed for other people’s shortcomings. Natalya says she knows exactly how Lana feels. It looks like they are bonding.

– We go back to the stage and Christian is pacing. Charly Caruso comes out and asks if he has an answer to Randy Orton’s challenge. Christian goes on and says he’s proud of his WWE career and accomplishments, and doesn’t owe anything to Orton, and he’s not going to be disrespected either. But if Orton wants to give him one more match, he accepts. Christian’s music hits and he walks off.

– MVP approaches WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews backstage and gives him props for what he’s been doing. MVP says there’s a difference between a fighting champion and a smarting champion. He knows Crews will fight any time and any where, but it’s about fighting the right opponent for the right amount of money. He mentions the recent win over Andrade and facing Shelton Benjamin tonight. He goes on and offers to help take Crews far because he’s one of the longest-reigning United States Champions of all time. Crews appreciates the offer and thanks but no thanks. MVP grabs the title and says the only way Crews will keep the title is with him in his corner. He pushes the title in Crews’ chest and walks off. Back to commercial.

– WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is backstage with daughter Charlotte Flair now. Ric asks what’s next for Charlotte. She seems annoyed and wonders if he’s asking about the title she’s going for next. Ric asks who’s getting under her skin these days? Charlotte is annoyed. She says yes, lots of people get under her skin but she does what she wants. She hushes The Nature Boy up by throwing a “Wooo!” in his face to end the segment.

Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews for this non-title match. We see how he retained over Andrade at WWE Backlash. Shelton Benjamin is out next. We see a pre-recorded video where Benjamin warns Crews that he should take MVP’s offer because he will have to to keep the title from someone like Shelton taking it. Benjamin goes on and threatens to keep coming until he takes the title.

The bell rings and they go at it. Crews with a big dropkick early on. Crews with a running shot in the corner. He prepares to run again but Benjamin nails a German suplex. We see MVP backstage watching. Benjamin keeps control and drops Crews with a running knee in the corner for another 2 count. Shelton grounds Crews in the middle of the ring now.

Crews fights up and out. They trade strikes in the middle of the ring now, unloading on each other. Crews catches a kick and drops Benjamin with an enziguri. Crews with the standing moonsault for a 2 count. Crews presses Shelton high int he air but he slides down and rolls Crews up. He gets caught using the ropes for leverage by the referee. More back and forth now. Crews rolls Shelton and now he uses the ropes for leverage to get the pin.

Winner: Apollo Crews

– After the match, Crews quickly exits the ring with the title as Shelton fumes in the ring. Crews backs up the ramp as his music hits, laughing at Benjamin. We get replays. Crews is all smiles as he raises the title on the stage.

– We see Akira Tozawa and some of his ninjas approaching WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth in the back. One of the ninjas is dressed as a referee. Tozawa speaks some in Japanese. Truth says if that’s how Tozawa wants it, he can get it. He threatens to crane kick them all and they back off, but only because WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has appeared. Truth thinks it’s because of him. Drew says Truth accepting the challenge back there was out of order. Drew asks Truth if he understands the seriousness of the situation as they could both lose their titles. Truth says he understands and he knows what to do. He walks off and we go back to commercial.

– We get a look at the Nia Jax vs. RAW Women’s Champion Asuka feud. Asuka is backstage with Caruso now. She speaks some in Japanese and then says Jax started this but she will finish it.

– R-Truth catches up with Drew McIntyre in the back. He spoke with the powers that be and now the only title that will be online in their match will be the WWE Title. Drew is still frustrated and Truth just plays dumb. Drew can now lose his title if Truth gets pinned in the match. Truth just needs someone to believe in him. Truth goes on and asks Drew to trust him. Back to commercial.

– The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders are backstage trying to figure out what’s next for their rivalry. They suggest a chariot race for next week. Big Show appears and says he’s enjoyed their feud but he knows how to settle it. Someone suggests Carpool Karaoke but Show hates that idea, and never wants to see The Vikings do Carpool Karaoke again. He suggests they have a title match on next week’s RAW. They all act surprised at this obvious idea. Show has all the answers, they say. Show dances around and gets them to do the same while a “we want the smoke!” chant goes on.

– Still to come, Christian vs. Orton in an Unsanctioned Match tonight.

Tag Team Match for the WWE Title: MVP and Bobby Lashley vs. R-Truth and Drew McIntyre

We go back to the ring and out first comes MVP and Bobby Lashley. WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth is out next, rapping his way to the ring. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is out next. Drew will lose his title in this match if he or Truth submit or get pinned. We get formal ring introductions from Rome and Drew’s title is raised in the air.

Drew tells Truth he’ll be the one to start off. Drew stares Lashley down before the lock up and go to the corner. Drew backs off as the referee counts. They shove and Lashley gets in Drew’s face. An aggressive brawl breaks out now. Lashley comes out of a corner with a clothesline. Drew rocks him next. Drew with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt and a clothesline to drop Lashley. Lashley is right back to his feet but Drew manhandles hi some in the corner. Drew ends up in the opposite corner, allowing MVP to get a cheap shot in right in front of the referee. Lashley with a shot to the throat. Lashley runs across the ring with a big shoulder thrust to the gut. MVP tags in for a double team on Drew.

Drew with a big Spinebuster on MVP. Drew goes over and knocks Lashley off the apron to the floor. Drew with a neckbreaker to MVP. Drew is ready to put him away but Truth tags himself in and Drew isn’t happy. Truth gets sent to the floor. Lashley follows and launches Truth into the barrier as Drew looks on concerned. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Lashley dominates Truth, beating him around the ring and back into a corner as Drew looks on from the apron. Lashley puts a boot to Truth now. Drew drops down to get a closer look and cheer Truth on. Lashley with another big shot in the corner. MVP tags in and nails a running big boot to the face for a close 2 count. Drew is looking a bit worried as he reaches for a tag now.

MVP misses a running boot. Truth comes right back with a scissors kick to send him down. Drew tries to rally the crowd for Truth while he’s down. Drew and Lashley tag in at the same time. Drew with two clotheslines and a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Drew counters but Lashley blocks the Futureshock DDT with an elbow. Drew launches Lashley across the ring again but MVP is legal now after tagging in. Drew sends MVP to the floor and follows, sending him into the Plexiglas barrier a few times.

Drew goes on and brings MVP back in, nailing a big double axe handle from the top. Drew kips up for another pop. Drew yells at MVP to get his ass back up. Drew grabs him and hits the Futureshock DDT in the middle of the ring but Lashley breaks the pin. Truth tries to run interference but Lashley tosses him to the floor. Lashley charges but Truth moves and Lashley runs into the steel ring steps. MVP tries to roll Drew from behind but he blocks it. Drew with a Claymore Kick to MVP to knock him back down. Drew has the pin open but he stops and points at Truth for a pop. Truth tags in and goes to the top. Drew helps launch him from the top onto MVP for the pin to retain.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and R-Truth

– After the bell, Drew stands tall with Truth as they hold their titles up. Drew dances with Truth to his music as we go to replays. Drew’s music starts up now as he and Truth raise their titles in the air.

– Christian is backstage with Ric Flair. Flair believes Christian isn’t ready for this fight tonight. He knows why Christian is doing it however. Flair goes on warning Christian about how Randy Orton is. Christian keeps trying to interrupt Flair. Flair tells him to not get hurt. Christian says he can’t let Orton get away with what he said and he’ll be fine out there. He appreciates Flair’s concern and respects him. Christian finishes taping up and walks off as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and guests for RAW Talk with Samoa Joe and Charly Caruso are Charlotte Flair, Big Show, R-Truth and Drew McIntyre. The show airs on the WWE Network after RAW goes off the air.

– We go back to the ring and out come WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions – Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, the birthday girl. They mention their Triple Threat win at WWE Backlash but Bayley says they have much more to celebrate – today is her birthday!

Bayley says they figured they would do a whole Birthday Celebration Week – beginning tonight on RAW, then on Wednesday’s NXT they will defend against Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox, then they will bring it back home for Friday’s SmackDown. Banks addresses The IIconics and says they better never tell them when they will defend their titles. She goes on but the music interrupts and out they come to the ring, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. The IIconics say no one wants to hear about their week, they want to hear an answer to the challenge from earlier. Banks and Bayley remind them they lost at Backlash, and don’t believe tonight’s quick win counts for anything. The IIconics go on and tease them for having a meltdown last year when they beat them for the same titles at WrestleMania 35.

The IIconics say Banks and Bayley couldn’t handle the pressure then, and damn sure can’t now. Banks starts yelling about pressure but she gets slapped down to one knee. Bayley starts yelling about The IIconics ruining her day. She accepts the challenge. Banks holds her cheek while The IIconics back up the ramp, taunting the champs. Tom says we will wait and see if that match is made official.

– Tom talks about Rey Mysterio being unable to appear tonight because he’s not medically cleared. He shows us what happened earlier with Dominick Mysterio attacking Seth Rollins from behind, then avoiding Murphy and Austin Theory. Byron confirms Rey for next week.

RAW Women’s Title Match: Nia Jax vs. Asuka

We go back to the ring and out comes Nia Jax for this rematch from the Double Count Out at WWE Backlash. We get pre-recorded comments with Jax saying Asuka had dumb luck at Backlash and it was a joke, just like her. She tells Asuka to keep dancing around because she will be doing a victory dance all on her own when she takes the title tonight. Jax stands tall in the ring as we go back to a break.

Back from the break and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. We get formal ring introductions from Rome in the middle of the ring. The bell rings and Jax levels Asuka with two clotheslines. Jax overpowers and continues to dominate in the early part of the match. Asuka takes Jax down in an armbar out of nowhere in the middle of the ring. Jax rolls to the apron for a breather. Asuka goes for the Hip Attack but Jax moves out of the way.

Jax gets Asuka on her shoulders while on the apron. Asuka struggles and counters, sliding out as the referee counts to 5. Asuka is back in the ring now. Jax comes in from the apron but stalls some, stunned a bit. Asuka unloads with kicks as Jax comes back through the ropes. Jax levels Asuka with a big right hand. Jax kicks Asuka around and taunts her while she’s down. Asuka pulls Jax down into an armbar out of nowhere again. Jax gets the bottom rope to break the hold.

Jax rolls to the floor for a breather. Asuka runs the ropes for a baseball slide but she stops short. Jax pulls Asuka out of drops her with a big powerbomb on the floor. The referee immediately runs out and checks on Asuka while she’s on the floor. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Jax manhandles Asuka on her shoulders in a Torture Rack. She drops her to the mat. Asuka comes back with double knees to the face and another takedown for a 2 count. The crowd rallies for Asuka as she goes to the top. Jax cuts her off with a forearm to the face. Jax climbs up for a super Samoan Drop but Asuka slides out and down. They tangle some more and Asuka kicks her legs out, hanging Jax upside down. Asuka charges and delivers a big boot to the gut while upside down. Jax still kicks out at 2.

Asuka shows some frustration now but the crowd cheers her on. Asuka delivers big kicks while Jax is on her knees. Jax blocks the roundhouse kick and headbutts Asuka to the mat. Jax nails the big Samoan Drop but Asuka’s foot is under the bottom rope. Jax screams at the referee and gets in his face. Jax shoves the referee to the mat. He gets up and goes on about how she crossed the line, walking over to call the match but Asuka takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Jax up for the pin to retain.

Winner: Asuka

– After the match, Asuka heads to the floor clutching her title as the music hits. Jax immediately gets up and she’s not happy with the finish. We go to replays. Jax stares down at Asuka from the ring, fuming at what happened.

– Charly approaches Randy Orton backstage and he interrupts her question on tonight’s Unsanctioned main event. Orton asks Charly if she thinks Christian is a legend. Absolutely. Orton says for what it’s worth, he thinks Christian is a legend too. Now do you know what Unsanctioned means? Orton says it means no rules, no regulations. Unsanctioned means that in a few short minutes the legend of Christian will be destroyed. The legend of Christian will be destroyed by the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment – RKO. We go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and The Vikings vs. The Profits plus The IIconics vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley are confirmed for next week.

Unsanctioned Match: Christian vs. Randy Orton

We go back to the ring for tonight’s Unsanctioned main event as Christian is out, as is Randy Orton. This is Christian’s first bout since being forced to retire due to concussion issues in March 2014. We get formal ring introductions but the music interrupts and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.

Flair tries to talk Christian out of doing the match. He says he just talked to Edge and this isn’t cool. He wants Christian to just let it go and for Orton to cut him some slack. Christian takes the mic from Flair and says he has to do this.

The bell rings and Flair immediately drops Christian with a low blow. Orton nails the running punt kick to the head for more boos from the crowd. Christian is face-down on the mat now. Orton turns him over and covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Randy Orton

– After the match, Orton gets down and tells Christian he’s so sorry. He didn’t want this to happen, he didn’t want to put an end to Christian too like he did with Edge. Orton caresses Christian’s hair, yells and asks Christian why he’s here? Two medics hit the ring and Orton tells them to take Christian out but take good care of him. Christian is loaded into a neck brace now. Orton talks more about why he didn’t want to do this, but this is all Christian’s fault. Orton says he finished the last chapter of Edge’s story and now he had to do the same for Christian’s book. Orton says he couldn’t just let Christian destroy or interrupt his livelihood – it was either you or me. Orton stands back up and apologizes again, then tells the medics to take Christian away on the stretcher. RAW goes off the air.

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