Undertaker Reveals That He Initially Thought The Rock Wouldn’t Make It In WWE

Jun 14, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with New York Times Best-Selling Author Gary Vaynerchuk, The Undertaker discussed the wrestler that he thought wouldn’t make it in WWE

On how he initially didn’t think The Rock would make it in WWE:

“It’s really easy. The biggest star in the world. The Rock. My gosh, he came in to Madison Square Garden and they had given him the name of Rocky Maivia, oh my gosh, it was awful. They handcuffed him right out of the get go. And I remember watching him and, you know, the Garden, they’re merciless if they don’t like what you’re doing, and they just lit him up.

I was just like, I had no clue to how charismatic he was, I was just like, such a shame, he’s not going to be here long. And it didn’t take long, once he got to the Nation of Domination, it had completely flipped. By the time he was at the end of his run with them, I was like, he’s not going to be here long, you could just tell, he was destined.”

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