More on Paul Heyman’s Demotion

Jun 12, 2020 - by James Walsh

A new update on the consolidation of the creative teams suggests that Raw has been a “mess” backstage as of late. The site notes that the show has been changed up to the point when the show goes on the air, although it must be noted that this has not been an unheard of thing in the past. The update notes that Paul Heyman isn’t entirely to blame but that he’s taking the fall and a source said, “It couldn’t continue like this.” 

UPDATE: More details are being reported about WWE’s decision to consolidate the Raw and Smackdown creative teams, with Vince McMahon apparently being frustrated with Raw lately. PWInsider reports that one source said McMahon had been openly frustrated and “very upset” with the brand, which has been hit the heaviest in terms of ratings loss. 

Raw has taken a 23% hit in the demo rating since the pandemic hit, and 20% in viewership, and has not been able to bounce back as of yet. The site notes that the plan was always to have Bruce Prichard become one of the top executives of the company when he returned in February of 2019, and there’s no word as of yet as to whether the consolidation will lead to more cuts to the creative team. The company posted a job listing for Smackdown lead writer last week, a listing which is still available.

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