Chris DeJoseph Rubbed Someone the Wrong Way

Jun 12, 2020 - by James Walsh

As we previously reported, Chris DeJoseph was fired from his position as the lead writer of Smackdown, allegedly because of his behavior at company meetings. It was believed that it was due to “inappropriate conduct and remarks” and that “something happened with Vince.” 

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the most consistent story about what happened is that DeJoseph was on a Zoom conference call with Stan Stansky, Senior Vice President of Creative Services, and Kevin Moore, Senior Vice President of E-Commerce and Venue Merchandise. It was reported that he said things he shouldn’t have and came off to Moore and Stansky ‘in a bad way’. Once Vince McMahon found out, he was let go. 

WWE is currently looking for a new lead writer for the program.

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