Luke Gallows Says AEW & NXT Wouldn’t Exist Without The Bullet Club

Jun 11, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Tama’s Island Tama Tonga recently welcomed Luke Gallows on the show. While he was discussing the pro wrestling world, The Machine Gun spoke about how influential the Bullet Club was. If it wasn’t for the BC then AEW and NXT might not exist either.

“The Bullet Club revolutionized professional wrestling and if somebody here’s this and they’re mad about it, sorry. Fight me. If there’s no Bullet Club there’s no AEW. If there’s no Bullet Club there’s no growth in professional wrestling. If there’s no Bullet Club there really is no reason to have an NXT because why do you turn developmental into indie heaven and hire everybody? There’s no reason to do it.

If there’s no Bullet Club, the resurgence of professional wrestling doesn’t happen. Am I a big part of it? No. But professional wrestling advanced because of what the Bullet Club was in Japan. That’s why they bought us, they wined and dined us, then they fired us.”

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