Former WWE superstar on today’s creative shakeup: “Give a demotion to HHH”

Jun 11, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE superstar Vito Lo Grasso posted the following rant on his Facebook page.

Todays Wrestling Rant – Vito J. Lo Grasso

Hello to all. Hope your good. Lets get right to it. The WWE has again changed Head Writers in Creative. They are blamed for very poor ratings. Not cracking 2 million . While AEW and NXT split 1.3 million viewers on Wednesday Nights. I want to know how many times can you respectively rehire and fire Bruce Prichard , Eric Bishoff , and Paul Heyman. Give a demotion to HHH and keep going thru the same old cycle. Each one of these men had success at one time in the business. This is not a hate on any of them. All are respected in there own way and for there longevity in the wrestling business they deserve some credit. They hire producers who never walked down the ramp at the WWE on a contracted level. They hire writers who don’t have any wrestling background. They hire trainers who don’t have the experience on the major league level, so how can you teach them how to be stars if they could not make it there themselves. Everyone can learn something, but at that level, you want people of experience teaching. The guys who worked the territories, the guys who kay fayed, the guys who worked in front of crowds with separate dressing rooms, those who sell moves and follow basic wrestling 101, the call it in the ring workers and most of all, the guys worked in major feuds and I am not talking about an Indy show where you say you booked a program with someone and you worked 2 Indy shows 3 months apart.

This is what we have. When will the ego let go and go back to what works. You hear the name Vince Russo mentioned quite a bit. Hated, disliked, people wish this man harm. But at the end of the day, this is what we watch on the WWE Network for 9.99. The old stuff in which he was the head writer for. WWE, WCW, TNA. You all say, man THAT WAS SOME GOOD STUFF. But, in todays podcast world 20 years later, people still criticize him, mock him, hate him. But the proof is in the ratings. Its there in the record books. Cant change history. I might not like some people in the wrestling business but one thing about me, I always give them props when its good. We come now to a major point. EGO. When ego gets in the way of business. When you write and book and one of the boys, you make yourself Champion. I think we have seen this in the past and we see it now. If your an agent and your boss is head writer and your putting yourself over for the title, how do you tell your boss, Hey your making a mistake, this guy should go over and make a chase for the title, you will get over better. They don’t do it because your getting a pay check and you become a YES man.

Problem is, the yes man sits and is a follower and his experience is null and void. You cant reason with EGO. Goldbergs streak should never have ended that soon. But jealousy and politics got in the way. Now what to do. When will we clean house at the WWE and bring back the man who can fix this. You only need 2 people to write a show. Not 50. You need not have the boys as bookers and writers when your 2 most experienced agents almost have 80 plus years experience and they sit on the side as the owner who respectfully doesn’t have a wrestling background and one of the boys wants to be that Mega star but is going about it in a way that you’ll eat up your whole roster in 3 months time.

Its time for all this non sense to stop and bring back Vince Russo to the table and clean house. You will save a ton of payroll and cut down on expenses. No interference from no one. Just Vince and Vince. Proof that is in the pudding. We tried to bring back the old glory 2 and 3 times over guys. It dosent work. Eric, Bruce, Paul, and even Michael Hayes tried hard and all bring something to the table no doubt. But, its not worth eating because we have seen it time and time again. Its time to put EGO aside and do this. If the people reading this can sit there and spread hate on this post, your nothing but YES people who are not honest. I am a Wrestling Person. A shoot wrestling person. I tell you like it is. If its good, I am down with it, if its the shits, I will tell you. I cant lie to you and go, yeah, this is awesome, omg you wrote this, this is the bomb. I am gonna call Japan for you brother, your booked. Brother send that match directly to Vince, he needs you. When it was GOD AWFUL. Guys don’t like the truth, but the truth helps you get better and you appreciate it later if you apply it.

So in closing EGO please listen for once. Do what you must as the wrestling business is dying at a rapid pace. You make the guys sit at home who have all the knowledge but all the yes men have the jobs. Guys you would not let in the door are writers, producers, trainers, and people with no wrestling background are up in the office at Titan Towers. Your talent are worried about social media instead of mandatory training at the Performance center to improve there work rate and in ring skill. You will see the clutter disappear less confusion and you’ll have a clear path. The Vince and Vince Show will be fresh and new because it hasn’t been done since the 90s. It was successful. Drop your EGO for once and do WHATS BEST FOR BUSINESS. Just incase any of you fans, marks, smarks, dirt sheet writers, the boys, or anyone else who thinks they know, This is not to get a job. This is Vito J. Lo Grasso speaking the truth about Wrestling, you might like him but you know to respect him because its the Truth. Have a great day.

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