Matt Riddle Shares The Two Booking Ideas He Had For Working With Kurt Angle

Jun 10, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Matt Riddle says that he pitched to officials the idea to have Kurt Angle cost him his “Cage Fight” with Timothy Thatcher a few weeks back and beating up Angle post match. Management shot down the idea, saying it would ultimately have no pay off, since Angle was retired

Riddle also spoke about how him working with Angle could have led to a storyline on Smackdown with King Corbin:

“Or, he could have managed me and then we had the back and forth with Baron Corbin because Corbin ended his career and this is the new phase, [he’s like] ‘this is my bro.’

“And then I go on to beat the crap out of Corbin – which I would – that would have been pretty cool too. But I’ll say this, even if Kurt is not there and I still beat the crap out of Corbin, that’s still pretty cool too. It’s all good!”

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