Impact Report 6/9/20

Jun 10, 2020 - by Scott Porter

by Scott Porter

A recap of last week’s show airs to start the show. Ace Austin is the #1 contender for the Impact World Championship. Tonight’s Impact show will feature a statement regarding the World Championship. Taya Valkyre is also featured setting up her match with Jordynne Grace for the Impact Women Championship. Impact kicks off in the empty arena and lit stage. Josh Matthew and Madison Rayne are on hand to call tonight’s show.

Match 1 Triple Threat Match. Michael Elgin VS Ken Shamrock VS Sami Callahan

The match begins with Shamrock attacking Callahan. Sami just stands to the side as they go at it. He finally picks his spot when Elgin and Shamrock are distracted from going at each other. Both Elgin and Callahan go to the outside, but Shamrock takes to the air and leaps the top rope both. Elgin recovers and he and Shamrock enter the ring. Elgin downs Shamrock with a kick and does a 2nd rope dropkick to Shamrock. Sami connects with a neck breaker to Elgin and Shamrock lays out Elgin momentarily with a boot. Sami enters the ring and talks to Shamrock, not going on the offensive, then attacks Elgin, but Elgin recovers and takes out both foes with a double clothesline. He then tosses Shamrock from the ring and sidewalk slams Sami. Then hits a suplex into a powerslam on Callahan. After a few punches, Sami gets thrown in the corner a few times. Sami finally begins trading chops and forearms with Elgin. After a whip, Shamrock and Sami double team Elgin. Sami and Shamrock finally confront each other and trade blows. Sami hits a blow to Shamrock when he bounces off the ropes. Elgin then hits Sami from behind with Shamrock down. Sami trades blows with Elgin until he hits a German suplex and running forearm to the face. Shamrock helps Sami over Elgin. Then Sami falls to the outside and Shamrock gets hit with two DDT’s by Elgin, that are completely no sold by Shamrock. Shamrock grabs Elgin by the ankle and locks in the ankle lock. Elgin finally gets the ropes, but Shamrock pulled Elgin off so hard the turnbuckle broke. Sami breaks up the submission. Shamrock then puts Sami in the anklelock. The match breaks down as Elgin attacks Shamrock and Sami gets tossed from the ring. Sami is laying prone. Elgin connects with a Powerbomb and gets the 3 count.

Winner Michael Elgin

Elgin celebrates in the ring then exits. Shamrock and Sami are in the ring. The arena goes dark and when the lights go back on Sami is gone. Will these to foes become a team? Not yet.

Madison and Josh question the possibility of them as a team. They also address the championship, but they do not mention Tessa Blanchard by name. Ace is ready for his chance, but they blame Ace for attacking Trey and ruining his chance. Deonna Purrazzo will also make her debut and Taya VS Jordynne Grace will happen tonight.

Grace is interviewed backstage. She says not being able to defend her title was exhausting and she is back home.

The Rascalz are shown backstage saying the want the tag belts as Trey enters late. Trey is ticked off and is questioning his friends as to who jumped him last week. The North enter and say they will beat them next week in a title match. Trey does not seem to totally believe Wentz isn’t guilty of the attack on him last week. The North point out the possible attack which makes Trey even more upset.

Match 2 Tasha Steelz VS Susie

Tierra Hogan enters with Tasha Steelz. Susie enters next. Su Yung is still acting like a confused toy doll. Matthews and Rayne bring up that Kylie Rae has no idea who Susie’s alter ego is. Susie connects off the start with a couple punches and a bulldog. Sasha goes outside to regain focus and quickly takes the momentum from Susie with kicks punches and forearm smashes. Susie tries for a roll up, but Tasha connects with a palm thrust as Steelz came off the top. Hogan distracts Susie and Tasha connects with a cutter and gets the win.

Winner Tasha Steelz

Tierra and Tasha dance up the runway.

Ace Austin is late for his interview backstage, but finally shows up. He is asked what he thinks the announcement will be about the championship tonight. He says he should be the champion. Moose steps in and says Ace should challenge him. Ace says it is a good looking belt and walks away. Hernandez challenges Moose to a match next week.

A Mercedes is shown driving up to the arena. Could it be Deonna?

Flashback from 2016 Michael Bennett challenges Earl Hebner. Maria Kanellis is with Michael. Bennett gets crotched by Earl who turns to Maria. Bennett attacks him from behind and takes out Hebner and gets the win.

Rhino is confronted by Rahit. Rahit says he should be his partner. Rhino says he has a partner and he has kids. Rahit leaves and then charges Rhino. They fight as the camera switches to Jordynne getting ready for Taya.

Taya is shown backstage looking for Bravo. Madison says she should be worried about the match.

Match 3. Johnny Swinger and Chris Bey VS Jake Deaner and Willie Mack

Matthews wonders why Swinger is so excited about Chris Bey. Matthews says he is using him. Swinger just looks like he is happy to be there. This is an interesting team of Mack and Deaner. Mack and Bey start for their teams. Bey then decides to tag Swinger in instead of locking up with Mack. Swinger connects with a kick and some punches to the corner. Swinger gets hit with an inverted atomic drop, losing his beloved bandana. Jake tags in and he and Mack trade quick tags hammering Swinger in the corner. Swinger gets some help from the outside and makes the tag to Bey. Bey lays in some punches to Mack and tags Swinger back in. They control Mack in the corner with more chokes. Mack hits a desperation kick and runs to make the tag. Jake takes out both repeatedly with punches and then slams Bey onto Swinger as we go to break. Swinger and Bey double leg stretched Jake as we return. Bey lands several chops on Jake, then hits a savate kick. Swinger is tagged back in and chokes and kicks Jake in the corner. Bey helps again from the outside. Swinger gets a count of two. Swinger tags out, but Jake connects with clothlines to both. Mack is tagged in and hits a series of moonsaults on Swinger. Bey tries to interfere, but Jake stops Bey and Mack hits a Stunner on Swinger and gets the pinfall.

Winner Mack and Cousin Jake

As Mack and Jake celebrate, Swinger and Bey attack from behind until Cody Deaner enters from an apparent quarantine and makes the save. The Deaners and Mack celebrate.

Rosemary and Bravo are back at the bar. Taya enters complaining why Bravo isn’t having a celebration for her return. Rosemary interjects and says he has been busy and doing good things while she was ignoring them. Rosemary tells Taya the they have a present for her.

Scott D’Amore is in the ring to address the Impact World Championship. He gives congrats to Ace Austin for winning the tournament. D’Amore mentions Tessa is still not there as Ace’s music cuts off Scott. Ace says he is there to crown himself the champion. Michael Elgin then enters the arena and ring. Elgin states either get out of the ring or fight him. He says nobody can touch him in the back. Eddie Edwards then enters the stage. He says his short term memory is bad. He says he beat Elgin. He says neither should be handed a championship. Ace says D’Amore was here to crown him the champion. D’Amore says you don’t get handed a championship. At Slammiversary they all will challenge Tessa Blanchard for the championship. Ace questions why did he even have a tournament? Trey will also be added to the match. All four square off in the middle of the ring. The match will be July 18th.

Match 4. Jacob Crist along with Cancel Culture Joseph P. Ryan, RVD and Katie Forbes VS Crazzy Steve

Joseph Ryan addresses the camera saying Cancel Culture represent everyone, from the Jacob, who will teach his message tonight to Katie and RVD and their special form of entertainment. They are shown kissing passionately.

Crazzy Steve hits the ring and they go fast at each other right away crossing the ropes and dropping down to avoid each other. Steve finally hits a side leg sweep after dropping his back on Jacob. Steve jarred Jacob’s ears with his feet. Steve does an impressive leg lock from the top rope. Jacob escapes and begins working Steve’s arm with side arm locks. Steve then breaks the hold, but gets hip tossed and Jacob goes right back to the arm. Steve reverses a suplex and clotheslines Jacob with a short arm variety. Ryan distracts Steve and Jacob hits four side kicks to the head and gets the win. They celebrate in the ring.

Winner Jacob Crist

Match 5. Taya Valkyre (with Rosemary and Johnny Bravo) VS Jordynne Grace

Out first is Valkyre and crew, who exit as Grace enters the arena. They re-enter as the ring announcer is in to make the formal introductions. Taya bails the ring, but Grace launches herself to the outside on top of all three as we go to a break.

Grace is dropping the shoulder repeatedly to Taya in the corner. Taya crumbles to the ground Grace lifts her to deliver a suplex. She pulls Taya up again and whips her to the corner. After taking a few chops, Taya finally defends herself. They take turns punching each other. Grace then connects with a Belly to Belly suplex. Matthews and Rayne complain Grace needs to cover her for the pin better. Taya gets some help from the outside and gains a brief advantage. Taya climbs to the top rope, then is tossed to the ground. This was a sick fall. She looks hurt legit. They go to break.

Taya is still favoring her back and stumbling around. Grace goes after her on the outside. Grace gets elbowed in the jaw. Taya tosses her in the ring and gets a quick one count. She looks to be recovering. Taya slowly works over Grace on the ropes. The ref tries to break up the contact several times and threatens to DQ Taya. Taya hits a double knee to Grace’s face, who was leaning back on the lower ropes in the corner. Valkyre uses side headlocks for a bit, using her weight to cut Grace’s oxygen. Taya takes Grace to the top for a Superplex, but Grace reverse it for a Powerbomb. Grace is too hurt to make the cover though. They finally get to their feet and Grace hits a series of slams. Grace then threw her in the corner and hit a running vicious elbow and a Vader Bomb for a two count. She goes for a Grace Driver, but Taya blocks it and back rams her in the corner. Taya then hits a spear for a two and a half count. Taya hits a high knee. Grace blocks Taya’s finish and puts on a sleeper hold. Rosemary and Bravo are flirting on the outside as Taya taps out.

Winner and still Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace

Deonna Purrazzo enters the arena. She doesn’t look impressed with Grace, but offers a hand to her. Deonna then drops Grace with an armbar. Grace lays prone as Deonna stands tall.

The show ends with Elgin on the shown on the phone, saying Canadians are team players.

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